Dubai International Marine Club Mina Seyahi

Gulf Boating Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda


5th March 2014 Wednesday

8.00 am – 1.30pm

DIMC Clubhouse

Mina Seyahi

8.00AM – 8.40AM


8.40 am – 8.45 am

Key Introduction

Presenter : TBC

8.45 am – 9.00 am

Welcome Introduction

Presenter : Toby Haws

9.00 am – 9.40 am

Session 1: Property as a platform

Topic: Property as a platform

Presenter: Laura Choeiri - Choueri Real Estate

The boom in property underpinned the massive growth in Dubai’s leisure yachting, with property owners, developers and agents cashing in on the growth, and subsequent increase in disposable income. With massive developments underway again, how will projects such as the Creek extension and Expo 2020 affect the residential and commercial markets? Will we see another increase in property prices and demand to fuel further leisure spending? What large scale development projects are on line and how will they affect the market? Is it all about Dubai or is it regional?

An expert in real estate of all types, Laura Choueri, CEO of Choueri Real Estate will present a realistic picture of the property market, and how it will affect the economic landscape in the future.

9. 40 am – 9.50 am


9.50 am – 10.30 am

Session 2: Projects with Purpose

Topic : Waterfront development decisions and how not to do it!

Presenter: Paul Lane - International Waterfront Consultants

Whether by choice or accident, there is hardly a marina project in the GCC that Paul Lane has not been involved with on either the concept, due diligence, design, build or repair side. Now witnessing the successful operation of many projects given to him as a spot of sand, he is ideally placed to look at what considerations the architects and developers make in regards waterfront developments; the data analysis that goes on behind the scenes, what is in the pipeline; examples of good and bad projects; and what the relevance is to leisure marine companies.

10.30 am – 10.40 am


10.40 am – 11.20 am

Session 3: Marine Legislation and Licensing

Topic : Marine Legislation and Licensing

Presenters: Nawfal Al Jourani, Adel Kalantar, Mohammad Al Bastaki - Dubai Maritime City Authority

Following the remit of revamping all the registration and licensing of the leisure marine industry in Dubai, the Dubai Maritime City Authority has started the massive undertaking of phasing in improved regulations, safety procedures, vessel registration and licensing. While still a daunting undertaking for many new boat owners, how is the DMCA here to assist boat owners and companies what plans does it have for the future, and how will all of these implementations assist in growing a safer and more prosperous leisure boating industry?

11.20 am – 11.30 am


11.30 am – 12.10 pm

Session 4: Global Yachting Trends

PresenterMike Derrett, Mike Derrett Consultancy

A marine consultant with many decades of Middle East and Asia experience under his belt, Mike gets his frequent flyer miles advising on marine construction and yachting projects, specialising in emerging markets. So what does he see as the areas of growth and trends in yachting and waterfront developments around the world? And where are the next ‘must-visit’ destinations to be found? A particularly pertinent topic of discussion for anyone involved in new business development in the MENA region.

12.10 pm – 12.50 pm

Breakout Session

Discussion 1: Yacht brokers and dealerships

Leaders: John Bushand Brett Noble, Bush & Noble

Established last year as an independent brokerage, and now taking on heavyweight brands such as Majesty Yachts and Bavaria, Bush & Noble are well-positioned to look at all sides of selling, broking and dealerships in the GCC market. Topics of discussion: How to engage with the regional market; what do GCC clients expect from dealers and brokers?

Discussion 2: Marina design and operation

Leader: Bruno Meier, ART Marine Marinas

COO of ART Marine and creator of ART Marine Marinas division, Bruno has singlehandedly built up a marina management portfolio that stretches from Turkey and Egypt to Abu Dhabi. Topics of discussion: What separates a marina from a destination marina; what does the GCC client expect from marina operations; where does operation stop and hospitality begin; how to maximise facility revenue?

Discussion 3: Superyacht and Security

Leader: SSDS

Bringing together various suppliers to the superyacht sector to look at ways to increase throughput of large yachts, for leisure, build and refit purposes. With agents, security consultant and builders, a perfect table to join for anyone interested in this sector.

12.50 pm – 1.20 pm

Q& A

1.20 pm – 1.30 pm

Closing Speech – Toby Haws

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