Visitor Testimonials

Jonathon, Consultant, Dubai

“This is my first boat show and it’s been fantastic. I like the combination of having the indoor tents and the outdoor boat display. I own a speed boat, and take it out every weekend. I attended the boat show as I wanted to learn about the latest developments in the marine industry and I find it interesting to compare boats on the market.”

Andreas, Sales, Dubai

“The boat show is bigger than I thought, there is so much diversity; from small boats to big sized boats. My favourite aspect of the show is being able to go up close to the boats for better viewing. Even I don’t buy or rent a boat in the near future, I’d like learn about the marine sector and the show has supported by providing great insight into the boating industry.”

Oliver, Marketing Business, Dubai

“At the boat show, DMEX diving exhibition has been my favourite feature. The DMEX exhibition is a lot bigger this year and has provided me wider insight into the industry.” 

Peter, Emirates Airlines, Dubai

“This is my first time visiting the Dubai International Boat Show. I had initially heard about the show on the radio and decided to attend. The show did not disappoint with the luxurious marina display at show. It’s great being close the superyachts and I really enjoyed the general atmosphere. There is no doubt that people will come back year after year.”

Paula, Automatic Industry, Dubai

“I have been loving the view of the superyachts, the atmosphere, the people - it’s been a really nice relaxing day which was complemented by being able to check out the bigger boats. It’s important to attend a show like this as Dubai’s marine industry is growing rapidly with boating becoming part of the city’s lifestyle.”

Elliot, Boat Builder, Dubai

“My favourite feature at the show was the dive limousine boat. I build race yachts, but I’m very keen to join The Dive Center. There’s a lot of aspect of diving which is interesting and I’m eager to learn.”


Marjan Haster, Hermes, Dubai

“I heard about DIBS in Paris. Superyachts are a huge industry in Dubai, and I believe it is a great way to start my journey in Dubai. My favourite feature is the outdoor marina display. The show creates a golden opportunity for discerning boating enthusiasts as well as for fresher in the industry. The show is a wonderful platform to learn about the boating industry and about the luxurious superyachts.”

Rami Bessesio, Business Owner, Dubai

“I’m interested in boats but mainly came to the show because I have a fishing hobby. The show has same great fishing exhibitors such as Emirates Fishing amongst others. DIBS Fishing has provided me with information to improve my fishing skills. The number of speed boats and yachts on display is simply immersive. I will definitely want to come back next year.”

Aleeji Gardeni, VP of Marketing, Hilton Hotels

“This is my first time at the boat show and I loved how the show offers a complete marine lifestyle package for the whole family. I brought my children to witness superyacht Italian brands like Feretti and Viva. The Dubai Boat Show has been very interesting and I am sure to come back next year.”

Sanet Faleen, South Africa

“A very good event with an impressive display of luxurious yachts. Many thanks to the organisers to for creating and hosting such a well organised informative show.”

Balbani, Dubai

“This year’s boat show is many ways better than last year. There is more variety of boats on display and we able to have exclusive views on some of the featured superyachts. We also saw visitors from around the globe. The boat show is improving and growing rapidly and this can be seen with more visitors attending the show with the intention of buying. The show is great marine lifestyle experience and we will definitely come next year.”

Camellia Homampour, Dubai

“This is the first time we have been to the boat show. It’s been fascinating to see all aspects of the show, and to see what goes into making these superyachts, from the machinery involved to the design. I will definitely come back next year.”

Alex, Manufacturing Industry, Germany

“Being in the manufacturing industry, my company has participated for several years. We believe that the Dubai International Boat Show is the best platform to learn about the latest in the marine industry. With projects in the pipeline which is set to launch at the next show, this year, I attended as a visitor so I can gather information needed to further enhance our projects. The show is growing bigger every year and I believe that the infrastructure is being upgraded to accommodate the growing number of visitors as well.”

Hamad Suleiman, Civil Engineer

“This maritime exhibition is one of the long awaited annual exhibitions in the region, that brings many of the local visitors as well as one’s from all over the world. This is not my first time at the show and definitely won’t be the last, as the show continues to amaze me every year.”

Atul Harid, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

“I visited the boat show for the first time last year and I was inspired to get into the marine lifestyle industry. I’ve started trying out various water sports over the weekends which encourage me to eventually own a motor boat. The show has grown vastly from last year with the various interactive sessions and the boating experiences. This will definitely encourage more people to involve in the boating segment.”

Azhar Seyad, Oil & Gas

“I visited the boat show with a couple of friends and was amazed by the buzz around the boating industry. The show was filled with boating enthusiasts and new comers keen to learn about this growing segment in line with Dubai vision of the Dubai Canal.”

Jacob Thomson, Analyst

“People are under the misconception that boats are for the elite class. Dubai International Boat Show does a great job in changing this perspective, by showcasing all sectors of the maritime industry. The organisers continue to educate the people about the maritime industry and continue to create awareness to make boating more accessible.”

Martin Wood

“Dubai International Boat Show has evolved into marine lifestyle event that is enjoyable for families and serious buyers. I attended the show twice this year, once to research and understand the developments in the market and a second time with my family for fun day out taking part in the various interactive sessions.”

Farah Mohammed, Charter Company

“I travelled from Qatar to attend the boat show as it is a great place to network and learn about the market. I’ve managed to pick up several new clients during the show and feel encouraged to buy a boat of my own.”

Fraiser Paul, Banker

“The exhibitors continue to bring top products to the show with variety. is a platform that opens up opportunities for more sales by comparison on products and prices. The exhibition is great platform for serious buyers to take well educated decision on their investments to ensure maximum ROI in the current market.”

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