Marine Art Gallery

Marine Art Gallery

Marine Art Gallery

Only by invite and exclusive for the VIP's is the Marine Art Gallery, showcasing a curated collection of exquisite orginals. It is a special presentation of exquisite art, sculptures and one-off pieces from illustrious artists around the world.

Access to the Marine Art Gallery - Drawing inspiration from the sea, the gallery promises to stun you with exquisite world-class art and artifacts

Andreas von Zadora

Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof is recognised today as the world’s foremost gem stone artist (otherwise known as gylyptics) an ancient art with its roots in pre- Babylonian/Mesopotamian times. From this artistic foundation Zadora has created a world class workshop that has mastered practically any technique required to produce the amazing cross section of commissions his patrons bring to his atelier.

Over the years von Zadora-Gerlof and his team have created unparallel jewelery, watches, objects de vertu, precious architectural installations as well as automatons and timepieces for a delighted carriage trade clientele worldwide.

The first American exhibition of the artist’s work was presented at the Forbes Magazine Galleries in New York in 1992 and his second exhibition was held was held at the Park Avenue Armoury in 1995. 

In June 2007, Zadora was hosted at the Hamilton Gallery in London for a month long exhibit and sale of his sculpted gemstone skull collection entitled “Memento Mori”.

Marmor Hotavlje

Since 1721 and through the generations, Marmor Hotavlje based in Sloveniacontinue to seek the hidden beauty in their stone. They endlessly explore and pursue perfection in this unique natural material. Marmor Hotavlje extensive knowledge ranges from the most traditional stone cutting techniques to the most up to date modern techniques. Their history, knowledge and experience has made them one of the leading stone cutting companies in the world.

Marmor Hotavlje has over 150 employees and are always working on several global projects. They are extremely proud of their history and heritage and at the heart of Marmor Hotavlje Group is their own quarrie in Hotavlje of which we they are especially proud. This quarrie is where they cut their own trademark stone blocks.

Vlastimil Beranek

'50 Million diamonds covered Sculpture'

For the first time ever, the Diamond Venus sculpture from artist Vlastimil Beranek will be on exhibition. The sculpture is covered with 50 million real diamond pieces from Jean Boulle Luxury company the inventor of real Diamonds Coating-Sun king. The stunning coating with its diamond sparkle has already been used on yachts & airplanes.

The artist Vlastimil Beranek together with another artist exhibiting in the Marine Art Gallery, Jaroslav Prosek, were selected in 2018 by Michelangelo Foundation as some of the best European artists. 

Jean Boulle Luxury

The Jean Boulle Luxury team has more than 50 years’ experience in all facets of the diamond industry: mining, sourcing, purchasing, cutting and polishing high quality natural diamonds.

Part of the Jean Boulle Group, Jean Boulle Luxury was founded to market Sun King Diamond Coating® and other innovative diamond products that are under development.

Sun King Diamond Coating was first exhibited on a custom built supercar at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show before returning the following year in partnership with Rolls Royce. Since then we have created unique diamond coatings for supercars, superyachts and private jets.

Jean Boulle Luxury has exclusive global agreements with AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading speciality coatings producers, for the production and distribution of Sun King Diamond Coating for external Superyacht and Private Jet applications.

Jan Frydrych

Jan Frydrych is a renowned Czech glass artist. He grew up in Šluknov, a Czech town in Northern Bohemia famous for making of glass. He is well-known as an author of spectacular sculptures from optical glass and also as a representative of special art category: high tech art glass. His works have Elton John or the Clintons in their private collections.

Jan Frydrych has been a longtime student and collaborator of professor Václav Cígler  who is known as a world famous architect and glass sculptor. Cígler started to experiment with optical glass and its possibilities of decomposition of light and creating extraordinary light reflections. Jan Frydrych learned from him, but he found his own way of expressions and moved Cígler’s work on.

Jan Frydrych is also a lifelong lover and collector of old clocks. He creates his own private collection of rare pieces. Under this passion he started to create unique series of luxury yacht chronometers, embedded to the massive pieces of optical glass. These pieces were one microne grid polished, made from firs-class optical glass and surrounded by wooden case made of  luxury hard wood.


The ARTSiO Gallery was established in 2016 in a small town Vlčí Hora in Northern Bohemia. They provide a platform for artists who use Bohemian crystal and glass as their art medium. They also provide their services for the artists who don't work with the crystal in this moment, but they hope to introduce them to this beautiful unexplored art material. They invite Bohemian and also international artists to exhibit in their premises. They renovated an old textile factory with 3500sqm exhibition space in Vlčí Hora.

Their mission is to create an international dialog between artists from round the world, because art doesn't have boundaries. 

Crystal Caviar

Beginnings of North Bohemia based Crystal Caviar company we can see in the year 1995. At the time Marek Landa, the founder and owner, was working overseas on the most luxurious yachts. And he got an idea - to stat creating luxury Bohemian glass chandeliers safely installed on superyacht board.

He and his wife Michaela founded the company Crystal Caviar in 2010. The company is based on hundreds of years long tradition of Bohemian glass craftsmanship. At the beginning they had only one passion to create something, what no one has ever produced before. With this activity they help to rescue and develop this traditional Bohemian craft. 

The company is the biggest supplier of luxury glass chandeliers and crystal sculptures to the superyacht nowadays with more than 70 completed glass projects without any reclamation. The company also provides wide scale of glass products into private residences and also public buildings.