Seazone Ship & Boats Spare Parts Trading L.L.C Stand: D-27
NOERL HYDRAULIC STEERING SYSTEM Hydraulic Outboard Steering System Boat Steering Cylinder Helm Kit boat accessories marine. The steering pump is with compact inner structure and the fashionable and beautiful appearance. Two – way Built – in locking valve eliminates the rebound torque. Easy to replace the shaft seal, user – friendly design. Steering shaft with special surface treatment not only has strength and reliability, but also has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance. High – strength aluminum alloy shell and surface treatment process can ensure its wear and corrosion resistance and prevent water erosion effectively. Piping: High – strength nylon quick – fitting ¼ – pipe fittings makes the installation compact and it is reusable. The use of custom high – standard hydraulic oil can improve the lubrication of parts and seal protection.