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Side-Power - Vector Fins™ Stabilizers

SAIM / Yacht Controller FZ-LLC Stand: E-111
[] The Side-Power Vector Fin™ stabilizers improve the roll reduction efficiency by some 50% in at-anchor mode, and 30% while underway, while at the same time reducing undesired yaw and sway motions caused by active fins. The huge benefits both for efficiency and reduced side-effects make them particularly ideal for any type of vessel from today’s modern, fast cruisers to trawler style vessels with lower speed ranges. Each has their own challenges: Lighter, fast boats are more prone to sway while at anchor. (This is where the fins physically push the boat side to side rather than reducing the roll.) Trawler style boats require bigger fins and become prone to yaw. (The fins steer the boat as they actuate causing wear and tear on the steering and stabilizer systems and reducing the efficiency of the hull.) In each case, vector fins redirect this wasted energy to better stabilize the boat and minimize these ill effects.