Dive Pool

Dive Pool

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Dive in for an interactive pool experience to witness the world of diving. Bermuda Diving Center has partnered with Dubai International Boat show to conduct dive activities in the pool. Get ready to get staggered with interactive dive sessions in a dedicated pool on all days of the show.

Whether you are new to diving or a veteran scuba diver, you’ll love the Dive Experience!


Interactive Diving Session Schedule

Dive Pool Schedule

All you need to know!

15:30 - Show Time

  • Bubble Making
  • Wearing equipment under water with one breath
  • Exchanging of equipment under water between 2 divers
  • Playing games under water (football, cards)
  • Entertainments (Dancing, Photographing figures)


16:30 - Exhibitor Demo

  • Helping the exhibitors if needed and we will be promoting the try dive to the visitors for the next time slot.

17:30 to 19:30 - Discover Scuba Diving

  • Free for anyone who is interested
  • Training and briefing
  • Clothes changing and Gear up
  • In water training
  • Scuba diving


20:30 - Competition

  • Equipment Assembling (fastest Time)
  • Under Water Equipment Gear Up (fastest time)