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Cavidyne, L.L.C.

CaviDyneLLC. Employs a revolutionary technology known as ultra-cavitation for underwater cleaning using much lower pressures than conventional equipment. These systems are significantly more effective, efficient and ergonomic than traditional systems such as pressure-washers/water-blasters, or grit blasters, and they eliminate the dangers associated with the use of high-pressure cleaning equipment. CaviBlaster® systems remove marine growth in significantly less time and with better results than traditional water and grit blasters, while costing less to operate. The compact CaviBlaster® units clean steel, concrete, wood, rubber, fiberglass or fabric, without damaging existing surfaces or surface coatings. The more powerful CaviBlaster® models will quickly clean surfaces to bare metal, stripping away heavy fouling and oxidation. Our biggest CaviBlaster® is known as the ConcreteBlaster®, and is powerful enough to crush concrete.


6441 19th St. E Bldg. C
United States
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  • CaviBlaster 1228-G (12 gpm / 2800 psi) CaviDyne’s very popular commercial unit, is a compact and lig ...
  • CaviBlaster 1325-D (13 gpm / 2400 psi) CaviDyne’s favorite commercial unit, built for easy to transp ...
  • CaviBlaster 1625-D (16 gpm / 2500 psi) This unit replaces the popular 1620 diesel model. The increas ...
  • CaviBlaster 2570-E (25 gpm / 7000 psi) This is the ultimate industrial workhorse for serious cleanin ...
  • CaviBlaster 2828-E (28 gpm / 2800 psi) This is an Industrial workhorse which generates a super strea ...
  • CaviBlaster 3040-D (30 gpm / 4000 psi) It's an Industrial marvel which generates a super stream of h ...
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