Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

Dubai Offshore Sailing Club

All Aboard!

Your ultimate sailing experience!

DOSC at Dubai Boat Show 2020

All Aboard! @ Dubai International Boat Show

All Aboard! To try the exciting sport of sailing at Dubai International Boat Show this year.

All Aboard! There are activities for all: families, friends, children or adults.

All Aboard! Modern, purpose-built RS Venture sailing dinghies. With a qualified instructor on board, you’ll be sure to learn the ropes in safety and comfort.

All Aboard! And set sail amongst the Superyachts of the world and discover the thrill of sailing for the first time.

All Aboard! No matter your age or ability come down to see the team from Dubai Offshore Sailing Club who will be on hand to get you on the water free of charge.

Being out on the water with the sailboat, all by oneself or with friends, and surrounded by deep blue sea is always an exhilarating experience. Close your eyes and envision setting up your sails, steering in the right direction, breathing in the vast sea and the fresh air, and letting your hair blow with the wind… listening to the sounds of nature and leaving all the stress and troubles for another day.

A sailing experience you won't forget!

DOSC at Dubai Boat Show 2020

This year Dubai International Boat Show is teaming up with Dubai Offshore Sailing Club to deliver a free of charge sailing experience aptly named: All Aboard!

Dubai is steeped in maritime heritage and maintains a status as a world-class location for watersports. At the heart of the watersports community of Dubai is the sport of sailing. Sailing is an incredibly inclusive sport where young compete against old, boys/girls – male/female sail with each other and against each other.

A team of qualified RYA Sailing Instructors will be on hand to safely steer you through an incredible experience. Step aboard a modern, spacious, stable RS Venture sailing dinghy, perfect for those seeking thrills or for those who just want to sit back and relax.


Come down to the Dubai International Boat Show and meet the DOSC team to sail free of charge!

Ps: Don't forget your hats and sunglasses to enjoy the full experience!