Groovy Sea Toys

Groovy Sea Toys


Calling all adrenaline junkies and watersport enthusiasts to try out some funky water toys exclusively at Dubai Boat Show! You’re gonna love what’s to come…

Here's what’s in store for you...


The Ultimate Fun Board! 

The Lampuga Air is an inflatable jet board that delivers continuous power, speed, and stability on the water! It's considered the next big thing in water sport! Want to give it a go? You can discover all their latest surfboards in different colours on stand WS - 02.


Born to be Electric!

The first-ever fully electric board combines JETSURF’s top-notch maneuverability with environmental benefits. The electric version of the battery-powered board is perfectly silent! You can find these electrifying Jetsurfs at stand WS - 08!


Deepest Diving Submersible in Yown!

Triton unveils its world’s deepest diving submersible capable of diving 7500 feet deep into the bathypelagic zone. We’re talking really deep – no sunlight, deep! Discover this elegant submersible at Triton's stand L - 122.


When Sci-Fi turns to Reality

A.L.I. Technologies' “Xturismo” is all set to turn fiction into a reality. It's their first AI-powered hover-bike that can hover above land and water! It's not hard to spot this elegant and futuristic prototype at stand OD - 20.


Make Way for the NautiBuoy

Ever wished for a personal beach club in the middle of the ocean? Must be a crazy and impossible idea? Well, not anymore. NautiBuoy’s durable and quick to inflate/deflate floating platforms are easy to deploy and set up in minutes! You'll find NautiBuoy at stand WS - 01.


Think Fast & Furious, but on Water!

Yamaha’s wave runners are the latest supercharged aqua bikes featuring a sporty 3 cylinder, 1049cc engine. Fun fact – it only takes 2 minutes to learn! You can spot these lean sporty water machines at Al Yousuf's stand OD - 40.


Fastest Water Sledge in the World!

Glide with the Cayago’s SEABOB, an eco-friendly electrically driven water sledge which also happens to be the fastest underwater sledge in the world. Catch the SEABOB at Cayago's stand at OD - 25.