Marine Art Gallery

art gallery in Dubai

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Only by invite and exclusively for VIPs is the Marine Art Gallery, showcasing a curated collection of exquisite originals. It is a special presentation of exquisite art, sculptures and one-off pieces from illustrious artists around the world.

Access to the Marine Art Gallery - Drawing inspiration from the sea, the gallery promises to stun you with exquisite world-class art and artefacts.


Unique structurised 3D oil painting on canvas

Sebastian Vanzen masterpieces create a combination of techniques that create a whole new microcosmos full of colours, graceful fluid shapes and unique details. On a single painting, one can discover hundreds of unique details of divine proportions and countless colour phenomena resembling almost anything that a human mind can imagine.

The mystery of form is revealed in every square centimeter of the fundamental bio-cosmic environment of colour particles dissolved in oil substance. The glass-like coating extends the depth of field and creates a unique 3D experience never seen before. Due to the special combination of techniques used by Sebastian Vanzen, viewers can experience the reality, manifested by the golden-cut ratio, with their own eyes.

To a viewers’ mind and soul, a calm detailed examination of the paintings brings back the lost state of peace. Sebastian Vanzen will showcase two of his 3D abstract oils on canvas at the Marine Art Gallery at the Dubai Boat Show 2020.

art gallery in Dubai
art gallery in Dubai
art gallery in Dubai


Masters of craft

Hotavlje marble sings a unique song praising its beauty, one which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s all about the ‘perfect imperfections’ shaped over millions of years. This is what makes the stone unique. Every masterpiece is treated with the respect it deserves to bring out its unique fingerprint and history with its eternal message.

230 million years ago, Hotavlje was covered under the ocean, full of vibrant life. Different organisms such as corals, sea sponges, urchins and snails slowly created massive limestone with their hard-skeleton Its uniqueness is a special colour variation that passes from dark and light grey t dreamy pink and scarlet red.

The company works on the most demanding projects and strives to make the most unbelievable ideas a reality. With their unique experience and knowledge, they design, engineer and create completely new concepts in stone cutting.



Inspiring design

T.Fotiadis Design is a well-known company based in Berlin that crafts luxury yachts and high-end residential interiors. Its recent masterpiece is a Range Rover 6x6 pickup truck. The creation has been dubbed the T.Fotiadis Superyacht Land Tender (SLT), has been specifically developed for superyacht owners who want a unique way to travel from their mansions on the seas to docks, airports, hotels and private residences.

The vehicle also has a specific purpose. It's envisioned as a tender for superyachts where it could be used to transport the yacht's owner and guests (plus all their luggage) from the dock to an airport or hotel or private residences. View this exclusive creation in the Marine Art Gallery at Dubai Boat Show this year.

art gallery in Dubai
art gallery in Dubai