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Five Things We Love About Yamaha Aquabikes at DIBS

26 Nov 2019

Five Things We Love About Yamaha Aquabikes at DIBS

Dubai Boat Show

Aquabikes are the most fun you can possibly have on the water.

Nothing comes close to skimming the wave tops at ludicrous speeds, wearing nothing but your swimwear, a life vest and a pair of cool shades. Aquabikes are also the easiest way of getting on the water, with the 2020 Yamaha WaveRunners (available from Al Yousuf Motors) mixing affordability with stupendous performance. Here are five reasons why we love Yamaha WaveRunners so much.

They’re fast

While Yamaha doesn’t release official power or performance figures for its WaveRunners, with the range topping GP1800 featuring a supercharged 1812cc called the Super Vortex High Output, you don’t need much of an imagination to determine how fast it accelerates and how much you need to hold onto the handlebar grips. Even the entry level WaveRunner EX comes with a sporty 3-cylinder, 1049cc engine – plenty of smiles, without the need for Jason Statham’s forearms.

Easy to ride

With all the talk of supercharged performance and action hero forearms, you may think aquabikes are a little bit edgy, but nothing could be further from the truth. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to get used to how a WaveRunner behaves on the water. They’re perfectly predictable, totally safe and in the case of the EX and VX ranges, they’re designed for comfort and low-speed tomfoolery.

Feature filled

Aquabikes may be small, but they’re packed with wholesome features, making them the mini SUVs of the open ocean. As storage is essential (you’ll need to keep your packed lunch and smart phone salt water-free), the WaveRunners feature dry compartments under the precision stitched seats and also up front under the hatch. For watersports enthusiasts, you can wakeboard and wakeskate behind the Yamahas, or for family fun, they’re great for towing tubes.

Simple to own

As far as ownership goes, you can’t beat a WaveRunner. The EX is one of the most affordable aquabikes on the market (pop into Al Yousef’s SZR showroom for more details), making getting on the water a possibility for just about anyone. Unlike a boat, you don’t have to keep your aquabike at the marina. It can be easily towed behind your car/SUV/pick up to the nearest public boat ramp, and launching a Yamaha is a one-person job.

Cool trademark

If you’ve ever noticed a water spout shooting up into the sky from the back of an aquabike, then you can guarantee that it’s a Yamaha. It’s a trademark of the Japanese manufacturer and it’s meant to be a safety feature, enabling fellow ocean users to identify the bike from some distance away. However, ask any WaveRunner owner, and they’ll tell you the spout is there to spray owners of slower aquabikes riding behind them.