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The new Foiler is coming to Dubai International Boat Show 2020

27 Oct 2019

The new Foiler is coming to Dubai International Boat Show 2020

Dubai Boat Show

“Mr Bond, your boat is awaiting.” Actually, in all his history of saving the world, 007 has never owned a boat as technologically advanced as the 2020 Foiler. Better known as the Flying Yacht, this Sharjah-built boat is as cutting edge as it gets, as it doesn’t ride on the waves, but right over them.

Parked in the marina, the Foiler turns heads thanks to its masculine lines and metallic colured, carbon fibre hull, but to see its party trick, you need to head out into the open waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Hidden under the deck of the 2020 Foiler are a pair of V8 engines, mated to an efficient industrial-grade hydraulic propulsion system – an immediate giveaway that this is no ordinary luxury powerboat.

With the turbo diesels warmed up, you flick a switch, watch the red foiling wings lower into the water, and unleash your inner James Bond. Push the throttles forward and the Foiler accelerates like a normal powerboat, with the hull cutting through the waves, but as soon as you hit 18 knots, the Foiler lifts out of the water on its hydrofoil system, rising up to 1.5 metres above the surface.

The foiler has a tendency to make one feel like the coolest person on the water – and also the most relaxed, since it’s virtually impossible to get seasick when you’re up on the foil. The ride is always smooth, even if the water below you is choppy. It’s all super efficient, and the lack of drag means it will top out at 40 knots. That’s about 74 km/h, which, over the water, feels nothing less than exhilarating.

A major addition to the 2020 Foiler is its foredeck cockpit/joystick combo. Here, it is possible to control the boat from the seats located in the bow. It’s a genuinely unique feature that blows the Foiler’s competition out of the water. Expect to see some long queues at the Folier stand at the 2020 Dubai International Boat Show, where it will undoubtedly be one of the major attractions.