11 Feb 2020


NautiBuoy Marine Ltd WS-1

The C-Dock is a garage at water level for your toys, keeping them safe secure and protected. Designed to be compatible with the F5, F5S and F5SR Seabob models and also a range of e-foils the C-Dock offers you a drive in-drive out solution.


The C-Dock is available in either the Sports (Rib Collar Style) or Voyager ( Faux Teak finish) version. Both models can be used in a variety of different ways either on their own, connected to one another or connected to a NautiBuoy platform as a watersports base.



What is unique about your product?

The C-Dock is patent pending and is a unique combination of protective inflatable collar, with supporting skirt, ballast bag and secure holding straps.