M/Y Futura 100' - Hybrid

M/Y Futura 100' - Hybrid

Fabiani Yacht Srl L-146

M/Y Futura 100' is the flag ship of our small fleet, having the best features in terms of performance, safety, comfort, reliability.

Avaible with Diesel Engines up to 4000hp but also equipped with a special Solar Panel System that feeds 2 electric motors, allowing long navigations without noises and able to entry in restricted areas

Also this version is equipped with our patented lifting back platform. 

As all of our boats, Futura 100' is easily and completely accessible for people with wheelchair, thanks to a total flat decks configuration, and it is totally customizable according to the customer's taste.

What is unique about your product?

Hybrid Propulsion through Solar Panels. Rear Platform that can be lifted up to the Flybridge.