Anti-roll Gyro Stabilizers - AC & 12V DC

Anti-roll Gyro Stabilizers - AC & 12V DC

SAIM / Yacht Controller FZ-LLC E-111

MC² gyro stabilizers are effective and guarantee high nautical performances both at high speed and at anchor. The qualities which make them unique from the other products in the market are fundamental for the choice of this kind of product.

MC² are compact, easy to install and maintenance can be performed onboard, even with the boat on the water. They do not require water cooling and as a consequence no seacocks, no pressure pumps. MC² is equipped with a horizontal spin axis system, which allows not to reach high temperatures. Maintenance is limited to standard annual checks.

Thanks to the touch remote panel, the user can activate the gyro (ON/OFF) and monitor its functions, as well as be informed when maintenance is required, thanks to the warning displayed. The stabilizing performances of MC² can be recorded using the MC² Mobile app suitable for both iOS and Android systems.

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