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Current Scientific Corporation E-4

The Night Navigator™ 8485 is rugged, low maintenance, compact electro-optical system designed for yachts, leisure and commercial end-users. Mast-mounted payload, this full spectrum imaging system offers exceptional performances. It integrates an HD MWIR cooled thermal imager, a 4K day camera / low light, Laser Range Finder and Laser Dazzler in a gyro-stabilized sensor platform and can be controlled from the bridge of a ship or through IP network in a control room or remote location. This COTS system is built to MIL Std.

The Laser Range Finder is Class 1 Eyesafe and has a measuring range of 5 km (NATO target at 2400m). The Laser Dazzler offers 5000 mW of laser power with 520 nanometers of wavelength and has a 3 meter diameter @ 500 meters (beam divergence 6 mrad in full angle).

The NN8485 holds an HD MWIR cooled thermal imager with a continuous optical zoom from  21.5° to 1.2° field of view. The narrow field of view in high definition allows for long range detection, recognition, identification of targets and obstacles in intelligence operations.

It provides a clear, highly detailed image, in 4k day, 70.2° to 4.1° in 4K mode, even into the digital zoom range. The Low Light functionality increases object detection in a low level of light. In addition, all NN can track radar cursor, ARPA & AIS targets, and video targets.

What is unique about your product?

- Single payload with no junction boxes or interface modules simplifies installations and retrofits, while reducing maintenance. - Designed to withstand marine environmental conditions and proven by over 15 years and hundreds of successful operating installations worldwide, the NN8485 has a standardized mounting and cabling that enables ease of payload swaps and future upgrades and enables to streams H.264 (HD) video with PiP or two separate video streams and communicates digitally over IP network (Ethernet).