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Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth

Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth


Favre-Leuba sees even humanity's most unrealistic dreams as realistic challenges. In 1968, the vision of the perfect dive watch became reality. Divers around the world sat up and took notice. Favre-Leuba's Bathy was the first wristwatch with a membrane and a central hand that made it possible to measure depth more accurately.

Tne year 2018 was the perfect time to pave the way for a new legend. But is it possible to improve on excellence? The answer can be found in the new Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth. The retrofuturistic design is a deliberate nod to the original 1968 Bathy. From a technical standpoint, however, the Raider Bathy 120 MemoDepth is an entirely new creation. lts functionality and materials have not merely been improved upon -they have set a new standard. The case design is a homage to its popular predecessor and is complemented by bold, functional colors and striking, easy­ to-read hands.

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The Raider Harpoon 120 MemoDepth is the only watch to record dive depth up to 120 meters.