Yacht Coatings

Yacht Coatings

MPE - Multi Products Enterprise LLC E-144

Boero YachtCoatings produces high quality coatings, for use in all marine applications, satisfying the needs of both pleasure craft enthusiasts and major shipyards involved in the construction of ambitious yacht and superyacht projects.

Our close relationship with all customers encourages us to develop leading edge coatings, produced using selected raw materials, formulations in compliance with the latest legislation and production processes that guarantee constant quality.


• Premium quality 

• Full product range from below water line to topcoat 

• Marine certifications 

• Technician expertise

• Unique solutions


• Antifouling

• Primers 

• Fillers 

• Undercoats 

• Enamels 

• Varnishes 

• Thinners 

• Other products

What is unique about your product?

Full range of premium yacht coatings from below the water-line to the topcoat.