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13 Feb 2020

Yacht Now © Web & Mobile App

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Yacht Now Mobile & Web App.
Yacht Now


Our mission as a company is to connect all aspects of the Yachting industry in one central solution.

We modernize connectivity and time consuming activities performed by both consumers and suppliers by offering them a variety of online and mobile tools which helps them be more efficient and effective in their work space.

By using our practical work tools, they will boost productivity by simplifying their workload, save time, money, remain connected with actors of the industry, and their activities in matters of seconds through the solution.

For the consumers we offer twelve fundamental features in our solution such as:

Crew Management / Networking
Users can create a network by inviting other users and connecting with existing users. Vessels can create teams such as the whole crew or separate them by departments. Information can be shared amongst other users or teams to stay in sync with the vessel's activity.

Inventory Management
All crew members can simultaneously access the inventory of their vessels, manage the quantities and location of all their inventory, replenish their low inventory in seconds by using our shopping cart to make a purchase to a supplier.

Product Marketplace
Consumers can browse through a database of products related to the industry and purchase them directly from the supplier, ask questions through a direct line of communication, request quotes for non-fixed priced goods, get invoiced and pay using one of our payment options such as wire-transfers, ACH transfer and debit/credit. Products bought from the marketplace can be tracked and added to the inventory resulting recurring orders.

Service Marketplace
Consumers can browse through a database of services and service providers near their current location or saved addresses. They can select a provider or service and read in depth descriptions or reviews. Consumers will have direct line of communication with the service provider, purchase fixed and non-fixed priced services, get quotes, invoices, schedule appointments.

Vendors can run product or service promotions at any given time. Users and vessels can browse through a database of discounted products or services near them.

Expense Records
Vessels can enter expense records by scanning receipts, separate them by different expense types, keep expenses in sync across the vessel from the entries of the different vessel's departments, download expense reports and keep accessible data for years.

Event & Task Management
Users can send simple or detailed event and tasks invites to anyone in their network, remain up to date of status, progress, share comments, get notified, schedule due dates, add photos, notes, Keep priorities under control, manage crew’s activity.

User-to-user selling, users can sell anything from boats, electronics, toys, you name it. User can sell their belongings to other vessels, or user's themselves can also list their personal products. Users will find products or offers from other users, connect directly with them, share pictures and even current location.

Crew Search
Vessels can browse through a database of users available on the market looking for job opportunities. Each user has a detailed profile which displays their skills, experience, certifications, languages, a 30 second video, CV and others. By having access to this database, vessels can hire hire employees when needed and users can get hired immediately.

Job Posting
Users have a platform where they can be social, post about a job offer, hear of upcoming industry events, ask questions, recommendations, share photos, amongst other things.

Watch Days
Crews can manage their watch days, users can request days off, swap shifts with other crew members, write notes or be social in all in a calendar view.

Timesheet & Food
Users can turn on and off an onboard and off-board status where it keeps a record of their time on and off the vessel. Our solution will track their activity and all records can be downloaded thought our reporting

Our solution offers general and direct advertising options for our advertisers, they can display videos or pictures, in various locations across the app, with different sizes and positions.

For the suppliers we offer a web portal with nine fundamental features such as:

Suppliers can list their company details such as addresses, contact information, website, business hours, description, warranty and policies.

Suppliers can upload their product databases in bulk or add products individually. They can edit or manage any of their products in detail, create customizations, run promotions.

Suppliers can keep track, add and decrease inventory when necessary which is synchronized with their product database and the mobile app.

Suppliers can upload their services. They can edit or manage details, add a service footprint, create customizations, run promotions.

Order Management
Suppliers can access an order list, with different filter and sorting options, manage each individual order, change status, view customer and order details and communicate with the consumer directly thought the solution.

Suppliers can add their existing advertisements in one or multiple locations across the mobile app, select from a variety of advertisement types such as video, picture and picture/text or hire Yacht Now for advertisement development services. Vendors can manage their advertisements, assign dates, direct the ad to specific users and pay all in the solution.

Vendors can export different sales reports based on completed, cancelled orders, and returns

Suppliers can add their logistic capabilities based on their business model, they have options like store pick up and shipping services.

Suppliers can remain connected with consumers, receive questions, forms, information, concerns and others through the chat, they can send invoices and shopping carts to the consumers.

What is unique about your product?

It modernizes the yachting industry by directly connecting supply and demand in a simple and effective way. There is nothing like it, we focus on making the consumer's life easier by giving them productivity tools and by introducing a marketplaces.