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26 Feb - 2 Mar 2019


Exhibitor Tributes

Princess Yachts

“Princess Yachts International is delighted to be back at the Dubai International Boat Show. This is the biggest and most important show in the region. Year on year we see increased sales and market share through our partners  Princess Yachts Gulf LLC with a highly motivated professional team providing world class sales and aftersales service.

“Interest in the Princess range has been the best yet at this year’s show with confirmed orders from existing customers upgrading their yachts and new customers alike.”

Salim Tayssoun, Managing Director

Gulf Craft

“We had the bassist from Guns & Roses, and we spent 45 minutes here and 15 minutes in the engine room. The presence of VVIPs and dignitaries shows first of all they appreciate our 35 year anniversary and secondly what they said and spoke about is how proud they are to see a brand that is home grown.  For us as you know, this is not a show about moving a product to another region but it’s about our window to the world."

Erwin Bamps, CEO


“Day one for us was great in terms of media interest. We were able to announce on the media walk that we had the Wajer 38 over for the first time in the UAE which was a real plus.

For customer experiences we are very proudly using two of our catamaran fast ferries for the transportation of visitors in and out of the show. This has been a great way for us to introduce ourselves to visitors of the show."

Rob Chinman, Head of Sales & Marketing

Al Shaali Group

“Dubai as a city is a connecting city and has always been like that and it made a great name in exhibitions and events. The Dubai International Boat Show specifically is a great success story of 25 years. It has not been born out of one or two years. So many countries in the region and worldwide launch boat shows and they will maybe go for a few years and they will stop for one reason or another. Dubai has that persistence and pushing through until we get what we want.

As local manufacturers who have been here since the beginning, we’ve been utilising the Dubai Boat Show to the maximum. It’s a great event not only for us to showcase products or meet new and old customers but to meet with our suppliers.

There are so many reasons for us to attend the Dubai International Boat Show but if I had to pick one I would say it’s the perfect combination of everything for us."

Sultan Alshaali, CEO 

Art Marine

“For one, it’s an exciting time, the 25th anniversary and of course from our audience, the press and ourselves as exhibitors and our partners. It’s been very exciting and hectic."

Greg Stinner, CEO 

Seas & Desert

“We represent Azimut in the Gulf region, who are known to build the most luxurious yachts in the market with the most innovative designs. We started exhibiting initially at the Dubai International Boat Show in 1992. We then stopped for a number of years but came back in 2003 and we have been exhibiting ever since then.

Change is always happening at every show whether it is smaller one year or bigger another and I think we’ve seen a positive change for the Dubai International Boat Show here this year. There is always something new every year.”

Ahmad Al-Ameeri, General Manager 

Prestige Yachts

“I’ve been exhibiting here every year since 2006. It’s always nice to be at the Dubai International Boat Show to see and meet our colleagues in the industry. It seems everyone wants to be over here."

Jyrki Jaamaa, Managing Director

SF Yachts

“The vibe of the Dubai International Boat Show this year has been really good and the best thing has been that the right people are attending the show. The event is an exclusive event for people who can afford the lifestyle and we are happy the show is attracting these types of people.”

Eng. Francesco Pitea, CEO

Speed Marine

“The show is the biggest show in the GCC so there are a lot of customers coming from other GCC and Arab countries. A lot of people want to display their latest projects so it’s not just a place for us to sell boats but a place for us to meet partners. This is the first time we’ve exhibited at the Dubai International Boat Show and it’s important for us to be here and have a presence as it is the largest in the region.”

Aram Mughalyan, Sales and Marketing Director 

Royal Yachts

“For us the show has been fantastic and it’s the first year that we have offered luxury yachts as an investment opportunity. We see a lot of Emirati buyers but we also have a lot of wealthy people from India who have been here a long time and working in construction who buy yachts.

Kasper Jakobsen, Charter Manager 

IMG Boats

“We’ve had some good conversations with serious customers which is a positive. The Dubai International Boat Show is a good opportunity to display new products in order to get customer relevant customer feedback.”

Priyantha Jayalal, Production Manager 


“It’s the first time we have exhibited at the Dubai international Boat Show and we are here as the builder of a brand new boat being launched for the first time in the UAE. We had a lot of expectations and we’ve been looking forward to the show for some time now because we have a very versatile and unique concept as it can be sold to yachts, watersport companies or private owners.

Xavier Lachkar, Director


“We’ve enjoyed the Dubai International Boat Show. We’ve had good sales and great shows on the beach area and we would like to appreciate the DWTC team and all their cooperation throughout the build and during the event.”

Salah Mohaamed, Sales Representative 

MTM Group

“The Dubai International Boat Show is an event that people really come to and when I say people I mean customers, suppliers, traders. It’s something that everyone in the business looks forward to and they plan this a year in advance. It’s important for us to be here because we get to meet everyone we need to meet, so it’s a must.”

Mark Montecillio, Marketing Manager 

Burgess Yachts

“In the same year that we have launched our dedicated Dubai office, we are delighted to have had a strong showing at this year’s boat show. The opportunity to present the remarkable 70m Feadship JOY, the 77m SILVER FAST, the 37m classic NORDIC STAR and the 35m Benetti DXB to the region’s knowledgeable clientele has been a very positive experience for us."

Georgina Menheneott, Regional Business Development


“This is our sixth or seventh year at the Dubai International Boat Show.  The Middle East is an important region for us and this event is the most important show in this market.  Taking part gives us an opportunity to talk to builders, meet end users, meet potential service partners and distributors. 

Mostly we’ve been generating leads here so far, people will come and talk to us about our products  and the boats they’re buying – if we can fit the Seakeeper onto the boat – and after that we talk to the builder to see if the product can be fitted onto the boat.  Generally, we forecast that we’ll sell approximately 20 to 30 units as a direct result of the Dubai International Boat Show, with a product range of US$30,000 to US$200,000.”

Andrew Semprevivo, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Triton Submarine

“We’re here at the Dubai International Boat Show to display our US$3.6million Triton 3300/3 personal submersible.  We’re here because the submersibles were designed and engineered specifically to go onto yachts, and this event is one of the world’s best yacht shows, so it is a great venue for us to reach the Middle East market."

Patrick Lahey, President

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