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26 Feb - 2 Mar 2019


The Essential Boat Buying Guide

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own boat Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) 2018 can help make those dreams a reality with a range of small to medium sized boats for every budget

Visitors to the upcoming Dubai International Boat Show 2018, taking place at the Dubai Canal, Jumeirah on 27 Feb-3 March, have a lot to be excited about.

With this year’s Boat Show set to have a series of exciting water sport stunt-shows and live hands-on sailing and diving experiences, there are lots of reasons to look forward to coming down to the Middle East’s leading boat show. However, for many visitors the main highlight of the show will be the chance to dream about living the super yacht lifestyle with a display of the latest luxury pleasure crafts. With Dubai International Boat Show 2018, sailing the seas on a boat of your own doesn’t have to remain a dream, with the show set to display a range of small to medium boats that are perfect for first time buyers and beginners.

So before you run to Dubai International Boat Show 2018 with an open cheque book and dreams of the open ocean, it can be a good idea to prepare yourself for the complex world of boat ownership and planning to navigate the extensive display of beautiful boats all competing for your attention at one of the world’s biggest boat shows.

Therefore, in order to make the most of your visit to this year’s show, Dubai International Boat Show 2018 has put together The Essential Dubai International Boat Show 2018

 Boat Buying Guide listing all the key points you need to remember when you’re on the hunt for your dream boat:


Traditionally there are two kinds of boat buying visitors at the Dubai International Boat Show; those who arrive only with dreams of owning their own luxurious leisure craft, to those who stalk the halls with a specific list of model specifications and technical schematics. Of course, to make the most of your boat show buying experience it’s important to be a little bit like both. While you may have decided to be you’re at the show because of your passion for all things maritime, it’s equally important to do your homework ahead of the event to have an idea of the boat that’s best for you and your budget.

First of all, make sure you have an idea of what you want in a boat and what you plan to use it for most of the time. While this may seem like a simple idea, there is a vast number of different boat types out there suited towards an equally vast number of maritime activities. However, for first time buyers it is likely that you will want your boat for one of three things: cruising, fishing, and watersports.

From cruising boats designed predominately for entertaining guests to fishing or water sport boats stocked with the latest equipment and gadgets, at Dubai International Boat Show 2018 you’ll be able to find the right boat to suit any need. Of course, there are also a number of boats which can be used for two or even all three activities, so there’s no need to limit your options if you’re looking to try a range of ocean bound activities.

Thankfully, once you’ve been able to narrow down your search depending on your passions, you’ll find that the halls of Dubai International Boat Show 2018 become much more manageable and your decision about which boat to buy soon becomes clear.

Visitors to Dubai International Boat Show 2018 will get a chance to taste of the superstar lifestyle at the Superyacht Life Area, as well as the chance to try out the latest in small to medium sized pleasure crafts that will get everyone on the water having fun.


Once you’ve spoken to every expert and decided on which kind of boat is right for you, then the real fun of shopping at Dubai International Boat Show 2018 can begin. As one of the world’s leading boat shows, Dubai International Boat Show 2018 is the perfect place to get an up close look at the most exciting pleasure boats and sailing yachts. Stop staring and get aboard as many boats as you can at Dubai International Boat Show 2018 to get a real feel for which one is right for you.

By getting aboard each boat you can get an idea of what it would be like to own each boat and by sitting at the helm and lying on the beds you’ll have a better understanding of how it fits with your needs and sense of style.  

In addition, getting on board is one of the best ways to get an idea of what it would actually be like to operate each boat. For those beginner sailors out there, the size and shape of each boat can have a profound impact on how it handles the wind, waves, tides and weather, so it’s important to find the model that best matches your own skill levels.

Finally, being aboard the boat is your best chance to imagine you, your family and friends using it on a day to day basis. For example, what may look like the right size boat from the dock may seem a lot smaller when on deck, while alternatively it can be important to not spend more on a bigger boat than you need.  Most of all ensure you’re buying the right size boat not only for you now, but also for the future. It can be much more cost efficient to buy a bigger boat now, instead of realising a couple of years down the line that what was your dream boat is too small and having to upgrade at a later date.

In association with Marine Concepts, Dubai International Boat Show 2018 will host Hands on Boating Experiences with informative demonstrations of the latest procedures and manoeuvres while guiding visitors through the process of handling a range of emergency situations.


When you’re shopping for your first boat, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the range of potential costs and charges beyond the initial purchase price. Ranging from standard maintenance, operating and insurance costs these can quickly add up to make the most attractively priced boat quickly spiral out our budget. Thankfully, when you buy at a boat show you have direct access to manufacturers, maintenance companies and the most trusted insurance companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Even if you’re one of the few boat buyers lucky enough to have an unlimited budget, there are a number of things you’ll have to consider when you’re selecting the perfect boat. While it may be tempting to rush out and buy the biggest boat you can find, it’s not always prudent to purchase a large boat if you don't have the handling skills to captain it. In addition, boat maintenance can be time consuming on a large boat, or even small ones which have high maintenance features.

Finally, while you may be following your own boating dreams, it’s important not to forget the other people you’ll be sharing your maritime experiences with. Whether it’s your wife, husband, kids or closest friends, it can be a lot more fun to share your ocean going adventures with others so don’t forget their input when buying your boat.

Life is too short, and even large boats are too small, to share them with someone who is unhappy about the boat you chose. Lucky for you, Dubai International Boat Show 2016 is full of a range of family friendly fun and activities to keep everyone entertained while you shop.

The DIBS Water Sports Zone will feature a range of daredevil displays from jet pack, fly board and fly bike stunt shows as well exhibit the latest equipment for Kayaking, Canoeing, Jet Skiing, Kite Surfing and more.


Finally, one of the most important things to remember about shopping for your dream boat at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show: make sure you have fun!

Alongside the hundreds of boats on display at this year’s event visitors will be able to experience five days of exciting features including the latest super yachts, exciting water sports, finest fishing equipment and sensational sail boats.

Experience all this at the Dubai International Boat Show alongside the Dive Middle East Expo, chartered sport fishing and sailing trips, daredevil water sport stunt shows and the latest luxury food, beverage and lifestyle products.

Head down to Dubai World Trade Centre from the 27th of Feb to  3rd of March to join more than 26,000 visitors from over 120 countries and experience elite superyachts, leisure crafts and interactive activities as well as luxury equipment suppliers and services. The most anticipated event in the Middle Eastern maritime calendar has over 850 leading international, regional and local exhibitors from over 50 countries, making it an unparalleled platform for exhibitors to showcase boats and products to Middle Eastern and International marine investors and enthusiasts.

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