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26 Feb - 2 Mar 2019


Visitor Testimonials

Mike Blister, British, visitor from Qatar

“We flew in from Qatar for the Boat Show this year because we were here last year when it was on and we only had a couple of hours before our flight.  This year we thought we’d make a weekend of it and have a few days in Dubai.  It’s been a great day – the weather has been a little overcast, but that’s meant we’ve been able to do a lot of walking around, our legs are all tired now. There’s a lot of stuff for the kids to see, we’ve been talking about diving lessons for the boys.  It’s just a great day out for the family, there’s a lot to do and see here, and it’s fantastic being in Dubai again.”

Saleh Al Bolooshi, Emirati, visitor from UAE

“I came to the Boat Show today to get a general view of the show and see the boats that are exhibited here.  I plan to buy a fishing boat soon, so I thought that this is the right place to look for one.  This is my second time at the show, and I really like it here, the event is well organized.”

Henrik Giessing, Danish, visitor from UAE

“This is my third time to the Boat Show and I come to look at accessories.  Today, I did a test of a VSF Licence.  I’m looking for AC and safety equipment and to see if there are any sail boats. The accessories are the highlight for me . Yesterday, I bought some safety equipment – there are some good offers and it’s good to see everything on display so you can make a tour around one place.”

Ahmad Jaber, Saudi Arabian, visitor from KSA

“I flew into Dubai from Saudi Arabia specifically to attend the Boat Show and I am here to look at the marine accessories.  This is my first time at the show, but of course I know about it but have never been here before. The show is well organised, and I like it. I found what I was looking for, and will probably attend again next year.”

Brian Atkins, American, visitor from UAE

“I was here four years ago, but we’re here today because we can see it from our balcony so we thought we’d come and check it out.  We’re here to see a bunch of things – fishing boats, yachts but also toys.  The water propulsion stuff, I don’t see me doing that, but the kayaking, fishing, accessories, that’s been really cool.”

Abdulaziz Al Shamsi, Emirati, visitor from UAE

“I came here many times before, and this year I am looking at the boats and the accessories, I like the show, I always see something new, and this year’s show is great.  

Nabil, Dubai, visitor from UAE

“It is not my first time at the show. I always come to look at the marine technologies as I like to keep up with what is new. I like the show and I do not have any negative notes. Everything is great, and I will keep attending the show in the coming years”.

David Roberts, British, visitor from UAE

“I’ve been to the show four times, but this year it’s been excellent, really good.  I’m here to see the new developments in boat design.  I own two classic Riva boats, and I wasn’t necessarily thinking about buying anything else, but I’ve seen something today that I’m definitely interested in. I need to save up some more money first!  It’s a great place to see friends and to see what’s new in the mid-sized boats.  I’m amazed by how much boat design has changed in the last 10 years, so I find that really interesting.” 

Abdul Muhsen Ismaeel, Saudi Arabian, visitor from Bahrain

“This is my third year at the show; I have a yacht and I am here today looking for the accessories. I know that the prices here are special, even the yacht prices are great. I flew from Bahrain especially for the show, I like Dubai and this event is very well organised.”

Sivenius Family, Finnish, visitor from UAE

“This is a great show – it’s one of the few that allow kids to enter.  We’ve been looking for diving equipment for our children and we went to check out the shows by The Beach.  You have access and you can try the equipment, which is great.  For a family activity, it’s perfect.  There are affordable prices and the kids are here for free.  My two boys have had so much fun today.  We saw a surf board with a motor which we checked out – new technologies for sports, it’s very cool to see.  It’s our first time at the show and we’re coming back tomorrow to check out more activities.  The weather is great and we really recommend it to others.”

Khalifa Al Khalifa, Emirati, visitor from UAE

“This is my 4th or 5th visit to the show; I come to look at everything: yachts, accessories, marine equipment and more.  The Boat Show is amazing, the best show in the region and one of the best in the world!

Talal, Syrian, visitor from UAE

“It’s been a very nice day, I’m interested in diving materials and snorkeling equipment.  The prices are very good and there are a lot of brands here so you can choose from a wide range.  What I love is that everyone is here in the same place – you don’t have to run between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to find what you want – you can buy and try.  People have been so friendly on the stands.  I’m not necessarily interested in the yachts because they are so out of my price range, but I did visit a couple and they are obviously very beautiful.  But what I did find out about was that there are now membership schemes where you can rent boats instead of buying them which I’m really interested in – it’s a great idea!”

Carola Roeters, Dutch, visitor from UAE

“This is the first time I’ve been to the Boat Show, I’ve only lived here for 10 months, but we’re here today because we’re thinking about buying a boat in a couple of years and then to sail around the Caribbean, so that’s why we’re here.  We want to have a look, get impressions.  A few have caught our eye today, but we’re more into sailing than motor boats, but we spoke to some people from Lagoon and really, they look great.  We saw the boat which is suitable for us.  I’d definitely recommend the show – it’s lovely. There is a lot of new stuff, things I didn’t even know existed!  I guess that’s what this show is for – to introduce us to products we didn’t know about.  I’ve never seen so many huge yachts in a row and in one place.  They’re so big and so much!”

Khaled Husain Bu Khalifa, Emirati, visitor from UAE

“This is my first time at the show, and I came here with my friend to have a look at the yachts and boats available.  We are looking at the prices, learning more about the boats and we intend to buy.  I like the show, it’s excellent and well organised, and I found what I was looking for, now it’s a matter of making a decision.”

Ronald van der Bol, Brazilian, visitor from UAE

“This is my third time at the Boat Show, we’re here really just for the fun of it, the boats, the music, the shows, we just saw the demonstration of the jetpacks which was awesome, and we’re really here for the sailing boats.  We’ve been looking at some interesting sailing boats, the 44 and 41 – impressive.  We’ve made some short term plans.  I’d recommend the show for sure – great fun, looks nice, parking was fine.  We parked quickly and we got the water taxi over – it was very easy and if you’re going to a boat show, it makes sense to get a water taxi!”

Kostas Kanaris, Greek, visitor from UAE

“I’ve been to the Boat Show numerous times but this year, I want to see the new yachts and pretty much interested generally in the marine industry.  I’m thinking about buying a boat around 20 metres, and there are some interesting designs here, although nothing new so far.  I’d definitely recommend the show to people – it has a lot to see.  I found a really cool surf board inside the exhibition – it’s really, really cool, I’m definitely going to buy that.  It’s amazing.”

Ahmad, visitor from Qatar

“This is the 13th year for me here; I fly from Qatar especially for the event every year. I have a yacht and so of course, I want to see what’s new, and have a look at the accessories. It’s a great show and it has everything about the marine industry in one place.”

Hannan Biryanis, Indian, visitor from UAE

“I drove to Dubai today specifically to visit the Boat Show – I was hoping to attend last year but wasn’t able to and this is my first time here.  It’s genuinely my wish come true to be here.  I’m fascinated by the boats, it’s something we always see, but this is the first time I’ve had a good look.  I love the water, but apart from swimming I don’t do any activities.   But seeing the demos today, I’d love to try flyboarding.  I met Lindsay Lohan today, which was really amazing!  I love the size of the boats – they’re so big.  The superyachts are crazy to see.  I hope to own one eventually – I’m a banker so maybe one day…!”

Balaji Gopal, Indian, visitor from UAE

“This is my second time at the show and we’re here because our apartment overlooks the event and the lights are very bright!  We thought we’d come to check it out.  We’re here to see the yachts – that section is of most interest to me.  My son has loved seeing them and he was allowed on some of them.  I’d definitely recommend the show – it’s a good place to roam around, get some food, take it all in.  If budget was no issue, I’d buy one of the Yamaha boats.  I also work in the shipping industry so I’m familiar with some of the products here.  We’re now going to The Beach area so my son can run around.”

Gerald Davids, British, visitor from UAE

“I like boats – that’s the main reason I’m here!  I love sailing boats and used to be a member of DOSC, we just returned to Dubai so considering joining again.  The navigation equipment on display here has been very cool to see.  We’re thinking about buying generators and technical equipment products. It’s an interesting day out, even for those not necessarily into boats.  We went to The Beach and watched the flyboarding demonstrations.  It’s great to see the big superyachts, they are so special and that’s a real treat.  It’s definitely one of the best boat shows in the world.”

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