Exhibitor Showcase: Al Yousuf Motors

25 Mar, 2024 · 2 min read
DIBS 2024

Al Yousuf Motors showcased a range of accessories and technology at DIBS 2024. As the exclusive distributor of Yamaha in the UAE, the company presented their latest Waverunners, Superjets, OBMs, and selections from marine accessories brands like Jobe and Winner Kayak. This year’s Dubai International Boat Show attracted a wide audience, highlighting the marine community’s keen interest in the newest innovations.

Yamaha Showcase

  • 2024 Yamaha Sport Boats. These boats were introduced as top choices for those looking for performance and luxury. Designed to meet the needs of high-performance enthusiasts, these boats combine speed with a comfortable and sophisticated experience on the water.
  • 2024 Yamaha WaveRunners (GP Series & FX Series). The new lineup of WaveRunners features a 1.9-liter engine, with the FX Series aimed at luxury and technology aficionados and the GP Series designed for those seeking speed and agility. New colours and graphics refresh the appearance for 2024.
  • Yamaha Outboard Motors (OBMs). Yamaha’s OBMs, known for their reliability and power, were also part of the showcase. These engines are designed to enhance the boating experience, offering outstanding performance.

The Innovative Manta5 Hydrofoiler

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler unveiling was another major highlight. It marks a significant innovation in water sports, blending the essence of cycling with the thrill of hydrofoiling. Designed in New Zealand, it features a modular design for easy transport and quick assembly, offering up to 4.5 hours of ride time on water. The Hydrofoiler supports a new way to explore waterways, equipped with 10 levels of pedal assistance to cater to various intensities of water workouts.

Marine Accessories Exhibition

Al Yousuf Motors also presented an array of marine accessories from Jobe, Riva, and Winner Kayak, emphasising the enhancement of performance, safety, and enjoyment on the water. Their long-standing exclusive distribution of JOBE and Winner Kayaks showcases their commitment to quality and innovation in the marine accessory market.

The participation of Al Yousuf Motors at DIBS 2024 not only underscored their legacy in the marine industry but also their ongoing dedication to bringing the latest and most advanced products to the market. Their presentation of Yamaha’s 2024 marine products and the exciting Manta5 Hydrofoiler demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation and excellence in the maritime sector. 

We will return to Dubai Harbour in February 2025. More details coming soon!