27 February 2024   The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina


  • Sharifah AlEssa, Founder, Creative Creators

  • HE Saeed Mohammed Hareb, Secretary General, Dubai Sports Council, and Senior Advisor, Dubai Boat Show
  • Trixie LohMirmand, EVP, Dubai World Trade Centre

Introducing the Capital of the Yachting World: A New Paradise on the Global Tourism Scene

Government initiatives have propelled the region into a global yachting paradise. The crown jewel Dubai Reef, the world’s largest artificial reef, stands as a beacon of sustainability. Powered by 100%renewable energy, it is drawing yachters and divers alike with its promise of eco-friendly cruising. Other high-profile attractions such as Ras Al Khaimah’s multi-billion dollar hospitality project as well as Saudi Vision 2030’s $2bn Amaala Yacht Club and NEOM’s Sindalah Island set to be another yachting hub in the Red Sea, are defining new standards of luxury and leisure.

The Gulf’s strategic location also offers access to major events; Saudi, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the Dubai SailGP. These, along with improved facilities and eased regulations, make the Gulf an enticing choice for marine tourism. This is a $5.7bn market that is expected to reach almost $12.3bn by 2027, driven by increased demand from better-informed and a more tech-savvy younger generation inbound tourism boosted by leisure, international brands with dedicated offerings and the development of new luxury malls. Therein lies the opportunity. The conversation among visionary dignitaries will evolve around exploring the Arabian Gulf as the new alluring destination for marine tourism.


  • Martin Redmayne, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, The Superyacht Group


  • Yousuf Lootah, Acting CEO, Corporate Strategy & Performance, Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism
  • Guilermo Canellas Vears, Head of Asset Management, NEOM
  • Figen Ayan, Chief Port Officer, Galataport Istanbul,
    President, MedCruise
  • Hamza Mustafa, COO, Port Rashid DP World
  • Omar Khoory, Chief Assets Officer, Nakheel

Riding the Green Wave in the Yachting Industry – Exploring Profitable Ventures

Here is a comprehensive overview of the latest green technology developments within the yachting industry, showcasing innovative methods and technologies aimed at making luxury yachts more environmentally conscious.

  • Regulatory outlook: What does stricter emissions regulations mean for the shipyards – designing the eco-friendly yacht
  • 2/3 of the 8,000 metric tons of CO2 produced in a year by the top 20 billionaires came from their superyachts – what are the leading builders planning to tackle sustainability pressures
  • Sustainable luxury and environmentally conscious yachting novelties – a deep dive into green technologies to key
  • The pulling power of eco-friendly travel destinations, including the gems of the Gulf – how it informs the sustainability-minded younger consumers
  • Debate Hub: a comparative exercise between the yachting and automobile industry


  • Sophianna Bergonzi,Founder, Yachtllywood Communications


  • Artur Poloczanski, Public Relations Director, Sunreef Yachts
  • Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman & CEO, H2
  • Xavier Bouin, Founder & CEO, Tan Services
  • Anastazja Kociolkowska, Business Development Manager, Burgess

Cruising into Success: Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Luxury Yachting Industry in the Region

The luxury yachting industry is undergoing a transformation, shifting from an Arab-dominated market to a global one due to an influx of high-net-worth expats. The track will provide insights into NFT marketing strategies, drawing inspiration from successful cross-industry luxury manufacturers. It’ll also explore brand turnaround techniques and propose edgy marketing approaches that resonate with today’s discerning consumers. The session will unveil emerging trends reshaping the luxury yachting sector, ensuring stakeholders are well-prepared for this new era.

  • Marketing Masterminds Talk: The art of cultivating a UHNWIs marketplace
  • Immersive marketing push with VR/AR
  • Where to get into the ultra-luxury buyers’ radar – key channels to consider
  • From tech laggards to leaders – the digital pivot in luxury


  • Sophianna Bergonzi, Founder, Yachtllywood Media


  • Karolina Paszkiewicz-Kołacz, Founder and CEO, Luxury Consulting Group
  • Jad Zakkak Migliorini, Europe Head of Sales & Delivery Operations & Head of Marketing, Azimut Yachts
  • Eric Althaus, Founder & Managing Partner, Althaus Yachts
  • Carole Madar, Managing Director, Seabird Yachts


In recent years, influencers have played a crucial role in elevating the yachting industry, driving remarkable growth and engagement. Luxury travel and lifestyle influencers with a combined reach of 500m followers, have spotlighted the appeal of yachting to a diverse audience. This has led to a 40% increase in the industry’s online visibility, primarily on Instagram, resulting in a 25% surge in yacht charters in 2023, which has boosted revenues for yacht companies globally. Beyond conventional marketing, influencer collaborations provide a unique way to connect with potential clients and build an active online yachting community. Influencers continue to shape perceptions, impact trends, and contribute significantly to the industry’s success.

  • In Dialogue: The ultimate guide to successful influencer collaborations in the world of luxury yachting


  • Ben Taylor, Founder, Taylor Media


  • Jonny Dodge, CEO, My Ocean

Metamorphosis of the Ultra High Net Worth Mindset: Changing with the Times

A unique peek into the influence of UHNW individuals on shaping the direction of the yachting industry. How do we separate the myth from reality? This exclusive perspective illuminates how the UHNW mindset is reshaping the industry landscape particualry by catering to the needs and demands of these group of individuals. Discussions will encompass the impact of the stock market rise on overall market growth by providing valuable insights for stakeholders. The session will delve into the ‘green mindset’ and socially conscious attitudes of these millionaires; exploring how their environmental and social concerns are driving change within the yachting industry emphasising sustainability and responsible practices in an evolving market.

  • Getting acquainted with the new luxury customer – understanding new realities, and shifting preferences
  • Get another arrow in your commercial quiver with privacy, protection and reputation
  • Superyachting trends you need to know – custom building, chartering, multi-generational travel, Sea+land
  • What do buyers want from leisure vessels today, and what does that say about the current luxury market?


  • Martin Redmayne, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, The Superyacht Group


  • Abeer Al Shaali, Deputy Managing Director, Gulf Craft
  • Dr Rainer Behne, Chairman, BehNeMar Yachting
  • Michael Breman, Sales Director, Lürssen Yacht
  • Jonathan Hind, Managing Director, Burgess

Redefining Yachting Excellence: Unfurling the Sails on Premium Renovation, Service and Maintenance Hubs that Spur the Growth of the Superyacht Industry

This track will explore the key factors contributing to the success of a thriving yachting industry, providing insights into the ancillary services crucial for exceptional support and maintenance of these luxurious vessels. It will delve into a comprehensive comparison of refit facilities, establishing the industry benchmark for excellence, and cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the environmental sustainability of the yachting experience. All of this will be set against the backdrop of the Gulf’s strategic location, highlighting the advantages it offers to both yacht owners and operators, ultimately fuelling the growing trend of yacht chartering offerings in the region.

  • Unveiling the Gulf’s state-of-the-art yacht refit facilities: a closer look
  • Cutting-edge technologies to consider for greening the yachting experience
  • The Gulf advantage: strategic location and benefits for yacht owners and operators
  • How servicing excellence makes the ultimate difference?
  • A growing trend amplified by top-notch refit options – yacht chartering offerings


  • Figen Ayan,Chief Port Officer, Galataport Istanbul,
    President, MedCruise


  • Luc Khaldoun, Executive Director,  JV & Advisory Services, Cruise Saudi
  • Captain Saif Al Mheiri, CEO, Abu Dhabi Maritime
  • Wayne Shepherd, Director (Marinas), Dubai Harbour Marinas


A spotlight on the profound impact of technology on the yachting industry.

This forward-looking track will present key statistics that underscore the industry’s rapid evolution. Attendees can anticipate insights into ground breaking technologies, including new designs and future projections that are redefining luxury in yachting. Tech companies are actively exploring AI and data science adoption, automation for user experience and safety, marine robotics, and autonomous vessels.

  • Innovations redefining luxury in yachting
  • Breaking barriers: exploring the challenges and opportunities in AI and data science adoption
  • Revolutionising user experience and safety through automation
  • A glimpse into the future of marine robotics and autonomous vessels
  • Beyond imagination: design revolution through IoT integration
  • Meeting consumer expectations: the shift towards smart and connected yachts
  • Balancing automation with personalised yacht experiences – the human touch


  • Luca D’Ambrosio,Founder, The International Yachting Media


  • Captain Sahar Rasti, CEO, SJR Group
  • Dr. Mariem Nasraoui, R&D Director of Nanotechnology, ChromaMe Air & Surface Nano Tech
  • Jeroen van den Hurk, CEO, Van Berge Henegouwen (VBH)
  • Tommy Lexen, Managing Director & Executive Creative Director, Immersive