Post-Show Recap: Yacht Highlights At DIBS 2024

08 Mar, 2024 · 2 min read
DIBS 2024

At DIBS 2024, the marine industry witnessed a convergence of innovation, luxury, and craftsmanship, showcasing the latest in yachting excellence. Esteemed builders and designers from around the globe presented their newest creations, offering a glimpse into the future of maritime luxury. The event not only celebrated the advancements in yacht design but also marked significant business milestones and expansions within the sector. Highlights from the show included groundbreaking yacht unveilings, strategic industry moves, and notable sales achievements, underscoring the event’s importance as a premier global maritime exhibition.

Noteworthy Sales and Debuts

Sanlorenzo and Gulf Craft celebrated notable sales, with Sanlorenzo selling three yachts and Gulf Craft multiple vessels from its diverse range. The event also featured the debut of the world’s “largest wooden superyacht,” the 50-metre custom yacht Afra, exclusively listed by Bush & Noble, and the MENA premiere of the Ferretti Yachts Riva Diva 82, showcasing innovative design solutions that push the boundaries of yachting luxury.

Tankoa Unveils the Milano Superyacht

At the heart of DIBS, Tankoa Yachts revealed plans for their latest venture, the Milano superyacht. This 70-metre marvel, a collaboration with Nauta Design, features a sleek design inspired by Milan’s sophisticated aesthetic. The Milano stands out with its elegant silhouette, promising unmatched luxury and innovation in maritime design.

Gulf Craft’s Strategic Expansion

Gulf Craft announced the creation of the Gulf Craft Group during the show, marking a pivotal step in their global maritime industry presence. This reorganisation aims to enhance operations and consolidate the brand’s shipbuilding facilities, including those in the Maldives, under a single, efficient umbrella, reinforcing Gulf Craft’s commitment to excellence.

Sunreef Yachts’ Middle Eastern Venture

Sunreef Yachts shared insights into their expansion in the Middle East with the inauguration of a new facility in Ras Al Khaimah. This strategic move, in partnership with RAK Maritime City, signifies Sunreef’s ambition to tap into the growing yacht market in the region, showcasing their latest shipyard advancements to SuperYacht Times during DIBS.

Tecnomar’s Lamborghini 63 Series Success

The Dubai International Boat Show was a fruitful event for many, with Tecnomar reporting the sale of their 19th Lamborghini 63 yacht to a UAE resident. The success story highlights the event’s significance in facilitating high-stake sales and negotiations from the outset.

Setting The Tone For Innovation In 2024 And Beyond

The Dubai International Boat Show 2024 has successfully concluded, leaving in its wake significant achievements and unforgettable highlights. From the innovative unveiling of the Milano superyacht by Tankoa Yachts, to Gulf Craft’s announcement of its new organisational structure, and the expansion of Sunreef Yachts into the Middle East, the event was a showcase of forward-thinking and luxury. 

The numerous sales reported, including the noteworthy transactions by Tecnomar and Sanlorenzo, demonstrate the show’s importance as a hub for maritime business. The industry now looks ahead, armed with the insights and inspirations from DIBS 2024, ready to steer towards the next wave of nautical excellence.

Dubai International Boat Show will return to Dubai Harbour in 2025! Watch this space for more details.

Source: Superyacht Times