Ride, Glide, and Dive: The World of Water Sports

22 Nov, 2023 · 3 min read
DIBS 2024

The 30th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) will be a major highlight in the calendars of water sports enthusiasts in 2024. It’s not just an event dedicated to boats and yachts (although those are the main attraction) – it will also serve as a vibrant showcase for a range of water sports. From adrenaline-fuelled jet skiing to the more gentle pace of kayaking, there will be something for everyone to see at the show’s next iteration, held from 28 February – 3 March at the luxury maritime hub, Dubai Harbour.

Jet Skiing: Speed And Freedom

Jet skiing is a unique blend of speed and exhilaration, offering an immediate adrenaline rush as you glide over the water. Its appeal lies in the simplicity of hopping on and feeling the power beneath you, combined with the thrill of cutting through waves at high speeds. For those new to the sport, it’s an accessible entry into watersports, requiring minimal training to start enjoying the ride. Jet skiing attracts thrill-seekers and those curious about experiencing the freedom and excitement of navigating the open waters. 

Parasailing: Gliding Over The Waves

Parasailing offers an unparalleled view of the magnificent skyline from a bird’s-eye perspective. The feeling of freedom and peace is incomparable as you glide through the air, towed by a boat. This activity not only delivers awe-inspiring vistas but also an exciting sensation of flying, ideal for anyone seeking a novel way to explore the harbour’s beauty. Adding to the thrill, the gentle lift-off and smooth gliding heighten the overall experience, making it a must-try for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Kayaking: A Gentler Adventure

Kayaking is another popular activity, enjoyed and appreciated for its versatility. It offers a peaceful way to explore scenic routes and an effective full-body exercise. People enjoy kayaking for the opportunity to explore the coast or simply to unwind on the water. It’s also a great way to improve cardiovascular health and build muscle, appealing to fitness enthusiasts. Whether it’s a gentle paddle in calm waters or a more active session, kayaking caters to various interests and fitness levels.

You can book a kayaking tour at the Dubai Marina to explore the city’s iconic skyline from a unique vantage point, led by professional instructors and equipped with safety gear.

Diving: When You Want To Explore Beneath The Waves

Diving is an almost surreal experience. Free from gravity’s grasp, you can gently float through the water and see things few people get to see (unless they take a dip beneath the waves themselves). This activity offers a unique perspective of the ocean’s depths, revealing a world rich in colour and life.

At the Dive MENA Expo (co-located at DIBS), diving enthusiasts can expect a showcase of the latest equipment and technology in the diving world. The event presents opportunities to connect with fellow divers, share experiences, and learn about new gear and safety advancements. DIBS provides a platform for seasoned divers and newcomers to the sport, highlighting the essentials for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

DIBS: Aquatic Thrills For The Whole Family

Aquatic Thrills For The Whole Family
Photo credit: DIBS/DWTC

The Dubai International Boat Show encapsulates the excitement and variety of water sports, catering to enthusiasts of all levels. From the speed of jet skiing to the exploration offered by diving, the event showcases the best of each sport, with fast-paced demos on the open water. The show is an ideal setting for those exploring new water activities or enhancing their existing skills with cutting-edge equipment.Interested in bringing your watersports equipment brand to DIBS 2024? Register your details here.