The Leisure Marine Association Presents: Coffee Talks About Yacht Ownership And The Maritime Life

28 Feb, 2024 · 2 min read
DIBS 2024

The Dubai International Boat Show 2024 stands as a pivotal event for the global maritime community, offering a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking. A highlight of this year’s event is set to be the insightful series of talks presented by the Leisure Marine Association. These sessions, located at the “Port of Call” on February 28th and 29th, are tailored to enrich the knowledge and skills of attendees, from avid sailors to those newly introduced to the marine lifestyle. The association’s dedication to fostering education and awareness within the maritime sector is evident in the quality and diversity of the topics covered.

Highlighted Sessions:

  • Where to Take Your Boat? Explore Destinations” by Karissa Lewis unveils the allure of UAE’s hidden coastal treasures. Attendees will learn not only about scenic destinations but also how to navigate these waters safely and enjoyably, making every voyage memorable.
  • Practical Insights: Things You Need to Know After Purchasing a Boat” presented by Capt. Michael Fetton, delves into the essential know-how for new boat owners. From maintenance tips to legal requirements, this session is crucial for ensuring that your investment remains secure and sea-worthy.
  • Fishing Fanatics: The Ultimate Guide to Recreational Fishing in the UAE“, moderated by Kevin Stoop, assembles a panel of fishing experts including Khalifa Al Bahri, Callum Chase, and Rajiv Ramnath. This discussion not only covers the best fishing spots but also introduces sustainable fishing practices, ensuring the preservation of marine biodiversity.
  • Mental Health Awareness” by Bob Harvey addresses the often-overlooked aspect of seafaring—mental well-being. This presentation offers strategies for coping with isolation and stress at sea, crucial for ensuring safety and enjoyment in long voyages.
  • Sustainable Boating: Eco-Friendly Practices on the Water – Marina’s Perspective“, led by Wyndham Tops with insights from Alex Berry, John Paul Rebollini, and Katrina Poore, focuses on the implementation of green practices in marina management. This session will empower boat owners and marina operators alike with strategies for minimising their environmental impact, fostering a sustainable future for the marine industry.

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The sessions presented by the Leisure Marine Association are poised to be a cornerstone of DIBS 2024, offering profound insights and practical advice that attendees can apply directly to their nautical endeavours. This initiative underscores a shared commitment to not only enjoy the marine environment but to do so with knowledge, responsibility, and a forward-thinking mindset. Engage with these talks to chart a course towards a more informed and sustainable maritime future.

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