Yachting Trends: What’s New, What’s Next

06 May, 2024 · 3 min read
DIBS 2024

As we saw at the 2024 Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the yachting industry is shaped by remarkable design, technology, and sustainability innovations. This growth in technological and sustainable practices is not just reshaping how yachts are built and operated but also influencing why people choose yachting as a form of luxury travel and recreation. Many attendees are drawn to the combination of high-tech amenities and the promise of reduced environmental impact. In the article below we will take a look at some of the biggest yachting trends of 2024, all of which are projected to grow and evolve even further in 2025 and beyond.

Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Yachting is a much more advanced leisure activity than a decade ago. Enhanced by AI, yachts are now capable of automated docking and voice-activated controls, making them easier and safer to operate. This technological leap has expanded the appeal of yachting, attracting tech-savvy younger audiences who value both innovation and convenience. The integration of AI extends beyond navigation to include personalised guest experiences, where preferences in lighting, entertainment, and temperature are automatically adjusted, creating a uniquely tailored onboard environment​ .

Advanced Security

Yachting security has evolved from traditional physical measures to incorporate advanced digital technologies and cybersecurity protocols. Modern yachts now feature networked security systems that offer remote monitoring, intruder alerts, and data protection, reflecting a comprehensive approach to security that matches the sophistication of the technology onboard. The addition of drones for continuous aerial surveillance and biometric systems for identity verification are testaments to the industry’s commitment to security, ensuring peace of mind for owners and guests alike.

Explorer-Class Yachts

They say the age of exploration has come and gone. They are wrong. Modern explorer-class yachts are designed to withstand extreme conditions, allowing them to navigate both polar and tropical destinations. These vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and durable materials that handle diverse weather conditions, making remote areas of the world more accessible to adventurous yachters. Such capabilities are enticing more individuals to explore secluded and pristine environments, safely and comfortably. A new age of exploration is on the horizon!


It’s the buzzword that just won’t go away. And for good reason. Today’s yachts incorporate eco-friendly technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Builders also adopt materials and practices that lower emissions and increase energy efficiency. These initiatives are crucial for preserving marine environments and ensuring that yachting remains a sustainable activity for future generations.

Fractional Ownership

While the barrier for entry into yachting remains relatively high for people without extensive disposable income (some estimates suggest a minimum requirement of $1 million for a basic yacht), the market has never been more accessible. The rise of fractional or sectional title ownership (co-owning property with several other individuals) in the yachting industry has allowed enthusiasts to experience the luxury of yachting without the full financial burden of sole ownership. This innovative approach reflects broader shifts towards shared economies in luxury markets and can be seen as an outcome of the push towards sustainability.  

The Changing Face of Luxury Sailing

Yachting is more popular than ever. According to Yacht Sourcing, the industry is worth at least $54 billion in 2024, with current projections showing this figure going up even more. This year’s Dubai International Boat Show highlighted that the ongoing fusion of high-tech advancements, increased sustainability, and more accessible ownership models are driving the industry forward. These elements enhance the yachting experience and broaden its appeal, making it relevant to a new generation of maritime enthusiasts. Looking ahead, the evolution of these trends at upcoming events like the 2025 show will undoubtedly offer new insights and opportunities, reaffirming the dynamic nature of the luxury yachting industry and its significant economic impact.

We will return to Dubai Harbour in February 2025. More details coming soon!