Post-Show Recap: The Biggest Local Brands That Attended DIBS 2024

08 Mar, 2024 · 2 min read
DIBS 2024

The Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) celebrated its 30th year in 2024, maintaining its status as a key event for the UAE’s marine industry. Held until 3 March at Dubai Harbour, this edition was notable for the significant participation of local brands, demonstrating the strength and innovation of the UAE’s marine sector to a global audience.

UAE Brands Shine on Home Soil

The event dedicated a special segment called Proudly UAE, positioned strategically between Hypercar Avenue and the Fishing Village, to spotlight local maritime heritage and innovation. This section featured an impressive array of locally made vessels, nautical products, and technological advancements.

Al Suwaidi Marine (ASM) stood out with the introduction of two new fishing boat models. The company’s decision to launch these vessels at DIBS underscores the event’s importance as a premier regional showcase. ASM’s participation highlights a commitment to quality and local craftsmanship, with both boats drawing significant attention.

Highlighting Maritime Excellence

The Dubai International Marine Club, in collaboration with the Victory Team, displayed two racing boats, engaging visitors and emphasising the UAE’s prowess in maritime sports. The club also played a central role in organising competitive events, including the Dubai Fishing Competition, further enhancing the show’s dynamic atmosphere.

Dubai Police’s participation added an element of prestige, showcasing a fleet that includes high-speed marine vehicles. This display not only demonstrated the force’s operational capabilities but also its engagement in community and national events.

Local Manufacturers in the Limelight

Al Fajer Marine and Gulf Craft, among the UAE’s premier boat builders, reported heightened international interest. Al Fajer’s launch of the S-Class 90 and Sunrise 60 exemplifies the advanced engineering and design capabilities of local manufacturers. Similarly, Gulf Craft, with 15 vessels on display, used the platform to affirm the show’s vital role in connecting the global marine industry, underlining Dubai’s growing significance as a superyacht market hub.

DIBS 2024 showcased over 1,000 brands, including 400 newcomers, and presented more than 200 crafts from top yachting companies worldwide. This array of international marine attractions underscored the event’s global appeal and its significance for the local maritime sector.

Anticipating Next Year’s Innovations at DIBS

With DIBS 2024 having drawn to a close, the remarkable showcase of local brands has highlighted the progress and ingenuity within the UAE’s maritime industry. This year’s event has not only celebrated the longstanding tradition of maritime excellence but has also set the stage for future advancements. 

Dubai International Boat Show will return to Dubai Harbour in 2025! Watch this space for more details.