B2B Matchmaking At Dubai International Boat Show

30 Dec, 2022 · 3 min read
DIBS 2024

The largest marine equipment event in the Middle East, Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) welcomes visitors from the furthest reaches of the globe. Our five-day trade show plays host to exhibitors, trade buyers, and consumers hailing from Australasia, America, and everywhere in between. It is the ultimate forum for companies and suppliers to meet and mingle with the yachting world’s biggest players.

The potential for forging fruitful long-term business relationships at this unique event is an opportunity that can’t be missed. With the who’s who of the world’s yachting industry descending on Dubai, why would you be networking anywhere else?

Marine Equipment, from Everyday to Blow You Away

The Equipment, Supplies, and Services (ESS) trade show showcases the finest wares tailored to every practical or fanciful need of the maritime industry. Visitors can browse anything from mechanical marine hardware to advanced onboard electrical safety systems. On display will be ranges of impeccably designed interior fixtures and fittings, whole arrays of marine leisure equipment, and sophisticated navigation and communication technologies, all available for buyers to peruse.

With over 27,000 maritime companies operating in Dubai alone, navigating the sheer number of exhibits this event hosts may seem daunting. Forward planning goes a long way in ensuring businesses and customers can make the right connections, and the Business Matchmaking facility at DIBS ESS provides exactly that.

The Latest Software Helping Businesses Bond

The DIBS matchmaking programme links exhibitors with the companies, consumers, and suppliers best situated to fulfil their needs or make use of their services. Specialist technology analyses each attendee’s interests and wants, and then suggests industry connections that would be most advantageous to each party, creating beneficial business relationships that neither party would have thought to make.

Weeks before the in-person event begins, participating businesses and customers can begin networking with other attendees on the platform. This early visibility makes other brands and clients with interests in your services aware of your presence at the event ahead of time Once aware, they can plan to meet with you accordingly. Time at the event itself can thus be optimally used for forging personal and business links with the parties best suited to collaborate with you.

Schedule Virtual or In-Person Meetings

Through our business matchmaking platform, sitting and arranging the meetings that offer the best value is simplified. You can browse attendees of interest, businesses and exhibits from the comfort of your own phone. With live schedules available, finding and fitting in everyone you want to see is a streamlined process. This means more connections, better engagement and an efficient way to manage your own time. 

You can arrange meetings in person, or virtually. This seamless, innovative approach puts your time into your hands.

Speaking about making connection at last year’s event, exhibitor Marek Landa, CEO of Crystal Caviar, said: “The Dubai International Boat Show is one of the most important events on our calendar each year owing to the fact that it brings industry professionals from around the globe under one roof. We’ve sold out of all the pieces that we had brought with us and had some fruitful conversations over the past five days that we will be taking forward post the show.”To become an exhibitor and participate in the most high-profile maritime event in the region, just fill in the form here to book a stand.