How To Make The Most Of Your Time As An Exhibitor At DIBS

18 Feb, 2023 · 3 min read
DIBS 2024

The Dubai International Boat Show presents an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to network, gain market insights and exposure, and to strengthen their brand identity. Trade shows such as ours can be a good investment in terms of time and money, so it is in your best interest to ensure your time at one of the biggest boat shows in the world is wisely spent. We created this short guide to help exhibitors both prepare for and extract the most value from this year’s iteration of the Dubai International Boat Show.

Set Your Networking Goals

Expanding your professional network can help your business grow by strengthening your reputation and elevating brand recognition for your business. This opens up additional opportunities such as collaborations with seasoned professionals and referrals to industry specialists.

To ensure you maximise your networking potential at the event, compile a list of the exhibitors you wish to connect with and identify the reason you wish to speak to each of them. You can use the Dubai International Boat Show exhibitor list for this. It will give you important information on each attendee (including basic details about the company and their stand number) and will make it easier to navigate the event. You can also utilise our matchmaking tool (Equipment Supplies & Services / ESS) when you create or access your exhibitor profile. It will match you with other attendees and can recommend exhibits that may be beneficial to your business interests.

Remember, if you have a desire to network with other industry professionals, it is just as likely that some of them will want to network with you as well (and may even initiate it). In such instances you should show them the courtesy you would expect if you approached someone for your own networking goals.

Hone Your Pitch

Good first impressions are important, as they generate trust and will make it more likely for people to remember you in a positive way. It is a good indicator of general competence, which will make conducting business easier in the future. That is why you should never neglect your pitch, as it may be the only thing potential business connections and customers may remember you by.

Sharpening your business pitch can help increase your lead-to-customer ratio. With markets being relatively volatile, you need to adjust your pitch regularly to ensure it remains accurate and can still offer maximum business value. The easiest way to do this is to conduct market research on your target audience and estimate which segment of that audience will be in attendance.

Your pitch needs to be informative, but it also has to be stimulating enough to keep people’s attention and to make sure they remember it. Use a combination of explanatory text and supplementary visuals (like videos, posters, and scale models) and keep your target audience in mind when producing it.


The Dubai International Boat Show is known for its state-of-the-art trade show exhibits, but it is also an event where people can attend informative seminars and business forums. This year’s event will be dominated by two principal figures: the Middle East Yachting Conference (MEYC) and the Experiential Yachting Forum (EYF).

The MEYC is an annual conference that focuses on the yachting industry in the Middle East. Its main goals are to unite all levels of the yachting and boating value chain (from yacht builders and marina operators to captains) under one roof and to discuss the main challenges and opportunities in the yachting industry. Another one of the MEYC’s goals is to transform MENA into a global yachting hub and to help breathe new life into the region’s economy.

The EYF is an official supporting partner of DIBS. 2023 marks the forum’s second iteration, with the first being held in Monaco last year. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Elevating Human Potential Through Yachting”, with the goal being to “change the perception of yachting”. Topics will range from Holistic Yachting to Multifunctional Superyachts, with investment opportunities in the superyacht sector also being discussed.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Attendees will be able to enjoy exclusive rates if they use one of our hotel, restaurant, or travel partners. Discounts of up to 30% for hotels and 25% for restaurants will be offered, in addition to a 20% discount when using our official taxi partner (Careem Taxi). Attendees will also receive a discount on their air tickets if they book plane tickets through Emirates between 22 February and 12 March (discounts will vary depending on booking and flight dates).

With ample networking and business opportunities, trade symposiums, and exclusive vendor discounts, the 2023 edition of the Dubai International Boat Show promises to be a highlight on this year’s calendar.

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