Yachting Industry Primed For Sustainable Future Following Dubai International Boat Show 2023

The Dubai International Boat Show 2023 showcased the latest sustainable innovations and advancements in the yachting industry. The 29th edition of the show, which took place at the Dubai Harbour, saw prominent yacht manufacturers accelerate efforts to promote environmental sustainability, in line with the increasing demand for greener yachts and an industry-wide movement towards protecting our oceans.

The Middle East’s largest and most established boat show was a proud industry changemaker attracting exhibitors showcasing eco-friendly materials and electric engines, as well as other solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the yachting and water sports industries. Prominent distributors and brands leading the charge include Silent Yachts, as well as the JLS Training Institute, OKTA core, Magonis, Cummins Arabia, Sunkiss, Ocean 360, and the GEMS Education network.

While some emerging energy technologies are still in various stages of development, a number of options available today can make a big difference.

Push for green energy

Silent Yachts, which exhibited at Dubai International Boat Show 2023 for the first time, produce the first ocean-going production yachts in the world powered by solar energy, which is used to charge the batteries and run the electric motor. According to General Manager Ahmed Almousawi: “This makes them carbon-free and the process is as sustainable as can be. They are called Silent Yachts because they truly are silent; you won’t hear any noises or feel any vibrations as you would from a traditional yacht fuel engine. Not only does this make the yachting experience more pleasurable, but it also protects the coral reefs and the marine life.”

As the exclusive UAE dealer for the Ferretti Group brands, including Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing and Itama; Ocean 360 has seen greater integration of green energy technologies into the full spectrum of yachting products, says Bogdan Borascu, Marketing Director of Ocean 360. To cater to this demand, Ferretti Group has allocated a significant budget towards research and development, which is mainly focused on renewable sources of energy such as solar power. New advancements in solar energy technology today have meant that it is possible to power entire yachts through renewable energy.

Ferretti Yachts’ new Infynito line is a prime example of this trend, featuring yachts that are fitted with a solar roof that generates electricity to charge the onboard lithium battery pack. Bogdan also mentioned that the industry is seeing a lot more innovation in watercraft and water toys. “Here, we see that the push for green energy is even stronger and easier to achieve, because of the smaller size of the craft,” he said at the show. “In line with this, Belassi, the ocean manufacturer of the Burrasca – a marine hypercraft – is preparing to introduce a fully electric stand-up jet ski. We also have the SEABOB brand, which, since its inception, has focused on green energy and they have electric-powered water sleds.”

New Initiatives at DIBS

To lock in its commitment to a greener way of living on and off the water, the S.E.A Mission: Sustainable, Environmental Action was introduced at Dubai International Boat Show this year. A programme of initiatives promoted the sustainability of our oceans and as the premier marine lifestyle event, visitors also found a range of solutions that cater to a sustainable way of living for consumers.

Sunkiss, a luxury sun care brand, exhibited its sustainable products, packaged in ‘forever bottles’ – refillable, reusable, and made from recyclable aluminium bottles. “We partnered with the Dubai International Boat Show because we are very much aligned with the sustainability factor. Our aim is to help encourage and educate people about the importance of not only what you put on your skin, but also what goes into the ocean,” says Joanna Barclay, Co-founder of Sunkiss. “The response to our products was fantastic. It’s all about closing this whole circular economy and minimising the use of any plastic considerably.”

Combining community, creativity, and a love for the marine world, this year’s edition also partnered with the GEMS Education network in the UAE to celebrate World Whale Day with a fun art competition. A huge 13-metre whale crafted from recyclable materials is on display, along with posters created by students to promote sustainability. Asha Alexander, Executive Leader – of Climate Change at GEMS Education and Principal of GEMS Legacy School says the institution is “delighted to have contributed to this year’s Dubai International Boat Show and to have had the opportunity to help put sustainability and the preservation of our precious oceans and marine life front and centre during such a prominent event. GEMS is proud of everyone’s contribution and we thank the Boat Show for their partnership and support.”

Highlighting Industry Commitment

By bringing together industry leaders and innovators, the Dubai International Boat Show continues to offer a vital stage for the maritime industry to showcase its efforts towards accelerating sustainability and adapting to the evolving needs of customers. With a focus on showcasing the latest advancements in sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices, the show is a testament to the industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Dubai International Boat Show 2023 ran from 1 – 5 March at the Dubai Harbour.

How The Dubai International Boat Show 2023 Helped Revolutionise The Seas

A Round-Up of Marine Innovation and Technology That Was Unveiled at the Show

Dubai International Boat Show 2023 showcased the most cutting-edge technologies in the marine industry at the Middle East’s largest superyacht marina, Dubai Harbour. As one of the most prestigious events in the global boating calendar, the show attracted leading brands and industry leaders from around the world to unveil the latest products, designs, and technological advancements that are driving the industry forward.

From smart shipping, autonomous technology, advanced materials and more; the show provides a platform for global industry leaders to present the most inventive breakthroughs to the local and regional market. With over 1,000 brands presenting the latest in marine excellence to over 30,000 ocean lovers and industry insiders, the show is annually the ideal platform to witness first-hand the integration of next-generation technologies and how they are being applied across the marine industry.

Largest marine equipment event

Many of these technological innovations were found at the show’s Equipment, Supplies and Services (ESS) exhibition, the largest marine equipment event in the Middle East, which serves as a platform for consumers and buyers from all over the world to find all of the marine essentials and specialised equipment needed to keep their boats afloat. More than 200 brands representing 51 countries demonstrated the future of marine living in real-time, including Cummins Arabia, Cobham, Elcome, Finixa, Garmin, Seakeeper, Sontara and many more.

Cummins Arabia, a leading manufacturer of engines and generators, used the event to exhibit its 45KW hydrogen fuel cell model, which can be used to generate clean power for stationary and mobile applications.

Although still at the prototype stage for use in the recreational yachting industry, once it reaches the market, Vivek Vincent, Engine Sales Manager for UAE, Cummins Arabia, said the latter would successfully reduce operating costs by reducing or removing the need for fossil fuels completely, which is also extremely beneficial for the environment.

The game-changing product attracted the attention of Dubai Boat Show visitors, with Vivek adding: “This is our second year exhibiting at the boat show and the experience so far has been fantastic; the turnout has been amazing and we are seeing a lot of footfall even on the weekdays.”

Presenting passenger safety solutions

As well as seeing trade visitors expressing interest in sustainable tech, the 29 th edition of the show, which took place in March 2023, also saw demand for the latest technological innovations for security, safety, and passenger experience.

Elcome, a provider of technology solutions for yachts and sports fishing boats, displayed its range of solutions for making operating boats safer, more entertaining, and more efficient. The company has become one of the first global partners for SpaceX, for its Starlink high-speed Internet service, which provides high-speed Internet with low latency on boats of all types anywhere in the world. Jimmy Grewal, Executive Director, Elcome, described Starlink as a “revolutionary service” and said that Elcome is “very pleased with the response that we are getting from our global customers at the show, and we are working hard to ensure that they are able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the system.”

Dubai-based MPE presented a range of brands at the show that includes the latest colour management systems. Cromax uses a next-generation web- and cloud-based technology that helps body shops and boat refinishers improve productivity and achieve a perfect colour match quickly, reliably and efficiently. Gulfam Mirza, Technical Manager for MPE praised his experiences at the show, adding “the response from our customers has been great and we have received some fantastic feedback.”

For the 2024 instalment of the Dubai International Boat Show, even industry players are expected to showcase their latest innovations and technological advancements, driving the industry forward. With a growing demand for sustainable and efficient solutions in the marine industry, we can anticipate welcoming even more exciting breakthroughs.