The Changing Face Of Yachting Security

Technological advances are both the bane and the antidote for yacht owners trying to shore up their private security. Data and privacy breaches are among the most common problems faced as the yachting and boating industry’s oldest enemy, the pirate, has also taken heed of the technological advancements, leading yacht owners to increasingly add security to their wish lists.

Privacy, Piracy and Prevention

Your privacy is everything when enjoying a yachting excursion. The media can be relentless in their efforts to peer into the private lives of even the business world.

Modern approaches to this infringement include the use of drones to locate and on occasion intrude on yacht owners and guests.

The solution, anti-drone protection. Detecting the use location of drones and their pilots for up to 20 kilometres, these systems can facilitate an electronic exclusion zone of up to a radius of 500 metres, in which signals are blocked. Some systems, such as the Sparrowhawk can be automated, detecting commercial drones, capturing and recovering them intact.

Modern Piracy & Prevention

Disregard the eyepatch and wooden leg of fiction; the modern-day pirate comes in much more sinister forms. Modern piracy has made use of advanced technology and requires technological solutions.

The more technology added to a yacht, the greater the risk of hacking. Connectivity is a two-way shipping channel, and where weaknesses are found, you will also find criminals looking to exploit them.

Hacking into a yacht’s computer system can go as far as the ability to control the vessel, if not, render it dead in the water. Anti-hacking measures are therefore essential to any advanced computer system. Much like your home computer or laptop, where anti-virus software prevents, alerts and deters hackers, yachting security systems require software, as well as hardware.

Hardware could consist of anything from security sensors, Underwater Sonar Detection, cloaking systems which disperse smoke in an emergency, safe rooms and escape pods and even remote surveillance such as robots or drones. LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), an anti-piracy, non-lethal device can beam high-pitched sounds towards pirates, causing significant, although temporary pain to the attackers.

Ed Hill, Managing Director of security specialists, Intrepid Risk Management, said of the matter: “We can now install a complete security system that gives the owner the ability to monitor and control the security of the yacht in real time from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Similarly, once on board the yacht, the owner can monitor his/her other assets such as property, staff/employees, family members, jets and cars. This is all executed flawlessly via 3G, 4G, GSM or satellite link, which simply wouldn’t have been possible 20 years ago.”

Navigation & Security

Safe passage is a vital element of yacht security. Advancements in navigation, tracking and global positioning have meant radical changes in the way we move around the world’s waters.

With Starlink providing round-the-globe internet access, connectivity is possible even in the farthest corners of the planet. Through a combination of GPS satellites, satellite internet connectivity and a modern navigation system, you can sail around and away from disruptive weather, access systems and IT support as well as ensuring your cybersecurity is up-to-date and working around the clock.

At Dubai International Boat Show you will find all the latest in technological innovations for security, safety and solving many, many other conundrums and dilemmas found with life on the sea. Hosted by myriad of exhibitors and industry speakers, our goal is to bring the world’s yachting community together, to share experiences and knowledge, for the benefit of all.

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Wingsail Technology: A Sustainable Solution To Rising Costs

One of the biggest challenges in the shipping industry is a rise in operational costs. Soaring prices can be attributed to unpredictable oil pricing, inflation, and supply chain disruptions. Additionally, the demand for shipping seems to be exceeding the capacity to meet it, which only compounds all of the aforementioned issues. Addressing these problems will require innovative and sustainable long-term solutions, with wingsail technology leading the charge. This technological advancement will enable maritime professionals to both protect their bottom lines and reduce the overall environmental impact of their operations..

What Makes Wingsail Technology Sustainable?

Harnessing the power of the wind is a time-honoured tradition in the shipping industry. Technological advancements over the past 150 years have shifted the industry away from this renewable and clean natural resource, but it is making a comeback.

Wind energy is widely available and easily accessible. However, taking advantage of it and using it efficiently requires special equipment. Unlike fossil fuels, it does not require investing in brand-new engines or a complete vessel overhaul. Instead, wingsails can be retrofitted onto existing vessels, making the transition less of a hindrance and more of a practical and cost-efficient decision. This transition is further facilitated by a relatively quick installation time (a few days for smaller rigs to a few short weeks for larger setups).

Wingsails can also be integrated into marine solar systems to further reduce a vessel or fleet’s carbon footprint. This is a significant boon for companies that wish to curb their emissions and lower their total cost of ownership.

Further Benefits Of Wingsail Technology

Similar in design and function as an aeroplane wing, a wingsail works by improving lift-to-drag ratio and making a vessel more aerodynamic. This allows the vessel to move slightly faster and experience less overall resistance from wind and water. This in turn improves fuel economy by lowering the amount of fuel required to move a vessel and allowing the vessel to travel further on its fuel reserves. A feasibility study carried out by the Maritime Technology Department of the University of Malaysia in 2010 demonstrated that solar-assisted wingsail technology can reduce annual operational costs and power consumption by up to 20%.

An industry that relies on tight schedules and predictability cannot depend on fossil fuels forever. Unpredictable fluctuations in the pricing of fossil fuels make it both a costly and unsustainable long-term resource. Wingsails reduce the reliance of maritime vessels on this increasingly expensive resource, making the technology a dependable supplement to already existing solutions.

Another important aspect of this technology is that it allows ships to utilise the previously mentioned benefits while also conforming to international maritime regulations and standards, such as those set out by the International Maritime Organisation (a specialised agency under the United Nations). One of the most pertinent pieces of legislation passed by the IMO has been MARPOL 73/78 (the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 as modified by the Protocol of 1978), which governs maritime pollution and sets out fines for entities that break with the standards set out by the convention. Lower pollution levels lead to lower fines and thus a lower total cost of ownership.

Boat Equipment With A Promising Future

Wingsail technology has a promising future. From improving fuel economy to reducing long-term reliance on fossil fuels, it has firmly cemented its role as an essential component of boat equipment in the years to come.

The Dubai International Boat Show is one of the most popular trade shows in the industry. Attend this year’s event to learn more about advances in wingsail technology and the future of boating.

How To Make The Most Of Your Time As An Exhibitor At DIBS

The Dubai International Boat Show presents an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to network, gain market insights and exposure, and to strengthen their brand identity. Trade shows such as ours can be a good investment in terms of time and money, so it is in your best interest to ensure your time at one of the biggest boat shows in the world is wisely spent. We created this short guide to help exhibitors both prepare for and extract the most value from this year’s iteration of the Dubai International Boat Show.

Set Your Networking Goals

Expanding your professional network can help your business grow by strengthening your reputation and elevating brand recognition for your business. This opens up additional opportunities such as collaborations with seasoned professionals and referrals to industry specialists.

To ensure you maximise your networking potential at the event, compile a list of the exhibitors you wish to connect with and identify the reason you wish to speak to each of them. You can use the Dubai International Boat Show exhibitor list for this. It will give you important information on each attendee (including basic details about the company and their stand number) and will make it easier to navigate the event. You can also utilise our matchmaking tool (Equipment Supplies & Services / ESS) when you create or access your exhibitor profile. It will match you with other attendees and can recommend exhibits that may be beneficial to your business interests.

Remember, if you have a desire to network with other industry professionals, it is just as likely that some of them will want to network with you as well (and may even initiate it). In such instances you should show them the courtesy you would expect if you approached someone for your own networking goals.

Hone Your Pitch

Good first impressions are important, as they generate trust and will make it more likely for people to remember you in a positive way. It is a good indicator of general competence, which will make conducting business easier in the future. That is why you should never neglect your pitch, as it may be the only thing potential business connections and customers may remember you by.

Sharpening your business pitch can help increase your lead-to-customer ratio. With markets being relatively volatile, you need to adjust your pitch regularly to ensure it remains accurate and can still offer maximum business value. The easiest way to do this is to conduct market research on your target audience and estimate which segment of that audience will be in attendance.

Your pitch needs to be informative, but it also has to be stimulating enough to keep people’s attention and to make sure they remember it. Use a combination of explanatory text and supplementary visuals (like videos, posters, and scale models) and keep your target audience in mind when producing it.


The Dubai International Boat Show is known for its state-of-the-art trade show exhibits, but it is also an event where people can attend informative seminars and business forums. This year’s event will be dominated by two principal figures: the Middle East Yachting Conference (MEYC) and the Experiential Yachting Forum (EYF).

The MEYC is an annual conference that focuses on the yachting industry in the Middle East. Its main goals are to unite all levels of the yachting and boating value chain (from yacht builders and marina operators to captains) under one roof and to discuss the main challenges and opportunities in the yachting industry. Another one of the MEYC’s goals is to transform MENA into a global yachting hub and to help breathe new life into the region’s economy.

The EYF is an official supporting partner of DIBS. 2023 marks the forum’s second iteration, with the first being held in Monaco last year. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Elevating Human Potential Through Yachting”, with the goal being to “change the perception of yachting”. Topics will range from Holistic Yachting to Multifunctional Superyachts, with investment opportunities in the superyacht sector also being discussed.

Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Attendees will be able to enjoy exclusive rates if they use one of our hotel, restaurant, or travel partners. Discounts of up to 30% for hotels and 25% for restaurants will be offered, in addition to a 20% discount when using our official taxi partner (Careem Taxi). Attendees will also receive a discount on their air tickets if they book plane tickets through Emirates between 22 February and 12 March (discounts will vary depending on booking and flight dates).

With ample networking and business opportunities, trade symposiums, and exclusive vendor discounts, the 2023 edition of the Dubai International Boat Show promises to be a highlight on this year’s calendar.

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Get Ready For A Day Of Family Fun At Dubai International Boat Show

If you’re looking for a day of family fun, look no further than the Dubai International Boat Show! Not only is it one of the best boat shows in the world, it is also a great way for you to spend time with your loved ones. There is something for everyone, with many exciting activities for you and the kids to take part in. Get ready for an unforgettable day and use this short guide to help you choose the most exciting things for you and your family to do!

Boats Galore

The Dubai International Boat Show is a dream come true for boat enthusiasts of all ages. If you like superyachts, then Superyacht Avenue is the place to be. Little ones will enjoy checking out the big boats and there are also smaller exhibits throughout the event that allow you to get up close and personal with the displays. Perfect for a photo opportunity or two!

Thrilling Watersports

Young and old alike will get a taste of the excitement of a marine lifestyle at the Dubai International Boat Show. Enjoy a thrilling array of water sports and water-related activities, including demos of jet skis, fly boards, kite surfing and more.. At the family-friendly Lagoon, there’s the chance to try kayaking and SUP in a safe environment. If you are more interested in what goes on under the water, or if you fancy something different, take your little ones to watch the divers (and a couple of mermaids) in our state-of-the-art dive pool.

Spot Some Supercars

There will be no shortage of things to see. Some of the world’s rarest and most expensive supercars will be showcased to the public at Dubai International Boat Show, thanks to UAE car club Group 63..

Time For A Meal

When the time comes to take a break or grab a bite to eat, head to Nikki Beach. During the day, you can soak up the sun and enjoy the pleasant weather while taking a relaxing break on the beach. When evening approaches, you can sit back and marvel at the stunning beauty of the Dubai Harbour at dusk and the dozens of ships and yachts passing by on their way to unknown adventures.

For casual dining options, F&B area Eatstagram has exciting options including homegrown burger joint Pickl, and, for a sweet treat, the colourful House of Pops.

Keeping Kids Entertained

Bring your kids to our designated Kids Area for fun and educational activities. Your little ones will be immersed in nautical-themed arts and crafts (including a giant art wall), a myriad of exciting games and distractions, and even a boat-themed LEGO station!

For 2023, Dubai International Boat Show has also partnered with the GEMS Education network to showcase artworks made by kids to remind us of the importance of protecting our oceans in a sustainable way. See their handiwork in the Marine Luxury and LifeStyle area of the show. Remember to book your DIBS 2023 tickets before they are sold out. Kids under 12 may enter FREE of charge when accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. See you at the show!

The Dive MENA Expo: What You Can Expect

Diving plays an integral role in the maritime industry. It is a multifaceted discipline that includes the maintenance of ships and underwater structures, scientific research and conservation, rescue operations, and even filming. The 2023 Dive MENA Expo adds great value to the marine show by giving a platform to experts in the field, as well as people who are passionate about the happenings beneath the ocean’s surface. Conservation and sustainability will be the core focus of this year’s event, with special guest appearances by several world record holders. The expo takes place over two days (from the 3rd to 4th of March), with each day featuring a distinct theme and speakers. In this article we will dive into both days, giving insight into each theme and providing a short biography for each speaker.

Diving Heroes

The expo kicks off with the theme of Diving Heroes, which is about celebrating the incredible achievements of some of the industry’s greatest figures. These are the people who have risked everything to descend into the depths, whether for a noble, practical, or adventurous purpose. The industry would have looked very different without these people taking the plunge and setting an example of what is possible with the right preparation and mindset.

Our first hero is Ahmed Gabr, a former Egyptian Army officer and two-time world record breaker. His records include World’s Deepest Scuba Dive (332.35m on open circuit scuba) and organising and taking part in the World’s Largest Underwater Cleanup. Ahmed participated in the US Army Combat Diver course and is the only certified US Combat Diver in the Middle East.

The second hero speaker for the day is Jarrod Jablonski. Jarrod is a renowned researcher and cave explorer and is known for setting the record of longest ever cave penetration in a deep cave. Jarrod and his dive buddy Casey McKinlay reached 7900m in the Wakulla Springs cave system and their exploration of this cave system eventually led to another record being set for the longest cave diving traversal at 11km, which took more than 7 hours. Jarrod is also known for launching and operating the world’s deepest diving pool, the Deep Dive Dubai.

Our third hero is Bárbara Lang-Lenton, Director of the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (DTRP). This organisation is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation of sea turtles in the Middle East. DTRP has a collaborative partnership with Dubai’s Wildlife Protection Office and it is one of the first projects of its kind in the region t. Bárbara is a staunch environmentalist and enjoys sharing her passions with others.

Blue Ocean

The second day’s theme is Blue Ocean. This theme focuses on the topics of sustainability and the importance of raising awareness in the field of ocean conservation. The ocean plays a critical role in the lives and livelihoods of everyone on the planet, from serving as a source of food for billions to producing oxygen and regulating the climate. Protecting it and encouraging long-term sustainability is thus an essential component of the welfare of the human race.

The first speaker of the day is Yuriy Rakmuttlah. Yuriy is passionate about freediving and teaching the skill to others. He is a certified instructor for AIDA, PADI, EFR, Apnea Academy, and Molchanovs. Additionally, he also serves as a board member for AIDA UAE and as a B-level judge on the AIDA judging panel.

Faisal Jawad Hassan is the second Blue Ocean speaker, and perhaps one of the most inspirational speakers at the event. After being rendered paraplegic in a tragic accident at the age of 20, Faisal faced a period of severe depression. Learning to dive was part of his recovery process and he went on to break the record for fastest 10km scuba dive (at 5 hours and 24 minutes), which was previously held by an able-bodied diver.

The final set of speakers consists of Arabian Ocean Rowing Team members Fahim Al Qasimi, Toby Gregory, James Rale, and Rai Tamagnini. They were the first UAE team to row across the Atlantic Ocean completely unsupported, from La Gomera (off the coast of Africa) to the island of Antigua & Barduba, an island in the Caribbean. The team’s efforts, which were part of a grueling race across the Atlantic Ocean, raised a lot of awareness for the Clean Seas conservation campaign.

Dive With Us

Whether you are a seasoned diver or someone who has never even set foot in the water, there will be something for you to see and learn at the 2023 Dive MENA Expo. Join us at the event and discover the stories of men and women who serve as pioneers in the industry!

Don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the Dubai Boat Show 2023! Divers get FREE entry – all you need to do is click here to register and upload a copy of your diving license.