The dining experience at DIBS 2025 combines international eats with a stunning view. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy tempting bites while overlooking impressive superyachts and the stunning Dubai skyline. This setting is further enhanced with music from top DJs and a selection of signature cocktails. Participate in the 2025 Dubai International Boat Show and see how the dining experience adds to the show’s overall appeal, alongside attractions like Captains’ Night and Hypercar Avenue. The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is packed with a plethora of exhibitors that cater to every aspect of maritime life and leisure.

VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge is a sanctuary of luxury, providing VIP guests with access to a range of bespoke amenities and activities. Access to the VIP Lounge is restricted to VIP guests who wish to participate in the 2025 Dubai International Boat Show, providing a serene retreat from the bustling show floor that’s a true haven of luxury.

If you are not a VIP guest, but you still want to immerse yourself in the best Dubai has to offer, there are attractions at the show that cater to a wide variety of interests and tastes, including Captains’ Night (for captains and crew only) and a stunning array of luxury exhibits on display, like Supercar Avenue and the high-end Marine Art Gallery. The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is packed with an impressive lineup of companies demonstrating cutting-edge maritime advancements.

Hypercars Avenue

Hypercar Avenue is an extraordinary exhibition of hypercars, showcasing the world’s rarest and most coveted vehicles in that category. This exhibition offers enthusiasts and collectors an exclusive glimpse into the pinnacle of automotive excellence. The exhibition complements the maritime focus of DIBS 2025 with a touch of high-octane glamour. Participate in the 2025 Dubai International Boat Show to see more exhibitions like Superyacht Avenue and the Marine Art Gallery, or attend exclusive events like Captains’ Night (reserved for captains and crew only)! The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is packed with a collection of vendors offering everything from luxury yachts to marine accessories.

The World of Yachts Lounge

The World of Yachts Lounge is the VIP lounge of the official magazine of the Dubai International Boat Show, in partnership with Feadship Yachts. The space will showcase the latest yachting innovations and seafront development projects, alongside the finest food and beverages, to invited VIP visitors. Participate in the Dubai International Boat Show to experience this exclusive invite-only exhibition, alongside other attractions like Hypercar Avenue and Captains’ Night (for captains and crew only). The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is packed with numerous prestigious names in the boating and yachting industry.

Proudly UAE

As a proudly UAE event, DIBS 2025 reflects the spirit and ambition of the United Arab Emirates within the global boating landscape. This distinguished gathering, set against the vibrant backdrop of Dubai, showcases a wide array of local and international exhibitors. It’s a hub where innovation in the nautical world meets the UAE’s rich maritime heritage. The event is inclusive of diverse elements such as the S.E.A Mission, Captains’ Night, and Supercar Avenue. This convergence of global perspectives and local excellence makes participation in the 2025 Dubai International Boat Show a cornerstone event in the marine industry. The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is packed with exciting displays from both local and international maritime companies.

Captains’ Night

Captains’ Night is an exclusive event dedicated to celebrating the vital roles of captains and crew in the maritime industry. This invite-only evening promises a unique networking opportunity, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the maritime community. The event is a key highlight for those who participate in the 2025 Dubai International Boat Show, offering an unparalleled platform for professional exchange and social interaction. Set against the backdrop of the prestigious DIBS 2025, Captains’ Night further complements the event’s rich tapestry, including the Marine Art Gallery and Supercar Avenue. It’s not just an evening of celebration; it’s an essential rendezvous for industry leaders and maritime professionals. The DIBS 2024 Exhibitor List is packed with a diverse range of industry-leading brands and innovative newcomers.

Superyacht Avenue

Superyacht Avenue at the 2025 Dubai International Boat Show presents an impressive collection of superyachts, showcasing the latest in luxury maritime design. Visitors have the unique opportunity to view these marvels of modern engineering, experiencing first-hand the epitome of the marine luxury lifestyle and technological sophistication. This exclusive showcase not only highlights the craftsmanship behind each vessel but also sets the stage for networking with industry leaders and like-minded enthusiasts in an unparalleled setting. Visit DIBS 2025 for exciting exhibitions like Superyacht Avenue and more, including the groundbreaking Dive Pool and the Dive MENA exhibition, as well as the Marine Art Gallery and watersports exhibitions.

Marina Display

Luxury Boat Exhibition

The Marina Display at the Dubai International Boat Show epitomises the apex of boat exhibitions and maritime excellence. Visitors can witness a stunning array of state-of-the-art yachts, each showcasing the latest in nautical design and technology. This exhibit is a testament to the industry’s innovation and craftsmanship. Beyond the marina, DIBS offers a variety of nautical experiences like the Dive MENA Expo and dive pool, highlighting diving experiences and underwater technology, as well as an extensive watersports showcase and the essential ESS (Equipment, Supplies, and Services). The grandeur of Superyacht Avenue promises to be a major highlight as well.

Marine Luxury Lifestyle

The Marine Luxury Lifestyle exhibition at the Dubai International Boat Show is a celebration of high-end maritime living. Visitors can immerse themselves in luxury, with displays showcasing the best in nautical opulence and marine technology and innovation. This exhibition highlights the elegance and sophistication of the marine world. DIBS also encompasses the Dive MENA Expo and dive pool, offering insights into luxury diving equipment, alongside the Marina Display, the watersports exhibition, and the extensive ESS (Equipment, Supplies, and Services) area, culminating in the spectacular Superyacht Avenue.

The 2025 Boat Show will showcase carefully curated selected fashion and lifestyle brands, including luxury contemporary fashion from Carter & White, custom-made mattresses for yachts from Flexima, and so much more

Marine Gadgets & Equipment

Marine Equipment, Supplies and Services

The Equipment, Supplies, and Services (ESS) expo at the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) is a vital resource for maritime professionals. Showcasing the latest in marine equipment, it serves as a one-stop shop for the industry’s needs.

Find all marine essentials and specialized equipment needed to keep your boat afloat — ranging from satellite navigational systems to anchors, deck fixtures and engines. ESS caters to both consumer and trader buyers.