The watersports show is an adrenaline-pumping highlight. It showcases a wide array of activities, from jet skiing to kite surfing, catering to all watersports enthusiasts. This exhibition is a testament to the diverse and exciting world of maritime activities and will be a fun event to see for people of all ages. The Dubai International Boat Show also features the Dive MENA expo and dive pool, a comprehensive Marina Display, the indispensable ESS (Equipment, Supplies, and Services), and the luxurious Superyacht Avenue, offering a well-rounded maritime experience.

Dive Pool

The Dubai International Boat Show Dive Pool introduces visitors to the latest in diving technology and expertise, with daily demonstrations to amaze and educate. This part of the show, like the Proudly UAE initiative, emphasises the nation’s commitment to advancing marine exploration and education. Visit DIBS 2025 to see the famous Dive Pool in person, or join a host of other fun maritime activities, including watching exhilarating watersports demonstrations, strolling past the world’s most elegant superyacht, or being inspired in the renowned Marine Art Gallery.

Our dedicated show for the diving community is the perfect location to present dive-specific gear and gadgets to dive schools and specialists. Take the plunge into the Dive Pool to learn new techniques, see the latest equipment, and even watch a trick or two at the only dedicated show for the UAE and GCC diving communities.