DIBS 2024 In Numbers

The Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) 2024 has concluded its 30th edition, showcasing significant developments and impressive statistics in the maritime and leisure yachting sectors. This article delves into the detailed facts and figures from the event, providing insights into the diverse range of exhibitors, visitor demographics, corporate interests, and innovative highlights.

Attracting Exhibitors

DIBS 2024 featured a substantial international presence, with 52% of exhibitors coming from outside the UAE. The event covered a wide array of sectors appealing to both trade and leisure visitors, including marine lifestyle, superyachts, marina displays, marine equipment and gadgets, outdoor displays, watersports, fishing, sailing, and diving. This variety underscores DIBS’s role as a comprehensive platform for everyone from the maritime industry to families and ocean enthusiasts.

Exhibitor John Philp, COO of Hydroflyer from Australia, expressed his positive experience: “It’s our first time exhibiting at the Dubai International Boat Show. We absolutely love the show. The people have been amazing, and the location is fantastic. It is very easy for us to launch our boats here, and we have enjoyed tremendous success.”

Visitor Profile

DIBS 2024 drew in a diverse audience, including those seeking to purchase marine equipment, water toy aficionados, and buyers of crafts from small to medium leisure crafts and superyachts. The top five visiting countries were the UK, UAE, Russia, India, and Kuwait. Visitors loved the show’s impressive scale and vibrant atmosphere. 

Matthieu, from France, remarked: “This is a very, very impressive boat show. I am used to boat shows in Cannes, Monaco, and Genoa, but this is the most impressive event I have ever seen.”

Top Global Brands

The 2024 show featured notable launches and displays from top global brands, including local and international premiers:

  • Finnmaster Boats sold its Grandezza 37CA.
  • Sirena Yachts showcased the 26.81-metre Wish.
  • Gulf Craft displayed 15 yachts, including the Nomad 101, Majesty 111, and premiered the Majesty 60.
  • Ferretti Yachts introduced the Riva 82 Diva.
  • Sunseeker launched five new yachts.
  • Azimut presented the Azimut S7, focusing on sustainability.
  • The Wooden Yacht displayed the world’s largest wooden superyacht at 50 metres.
  • SF Yachts showcased the Prestige M48 and the Riviera RCAT 50.

Influencer Engagement

DIBS 2024 capitalised on influencer engagement, featuring online UAE personalities including @kari____kari, @b7ry, @ayesha_zehi, @walidyari, and @mo.hssan. Collectively, these influencers have a reach of 8.89 million, which contributed significantly to the event’s visibility. 

Social media personality Ayesha Zehi noted, “Whether you enjoy yacht ownership, practice adrenaline-filled water sports, or are simply curious about the luxurious marine lifestyle, the Dubai International Boat Expo is your ultimate destination!”

Huge Marketing and PR Impact

The marketing and PR efforts for DIBS 2024 were extensive, with a total PR value of $69 million and 2 billion in PR circulation. The event generated 1,854 pieces of coverage in local and international media and 1,865 organic social posts, resulting in a net follower growth of 7,000 and 17.5 million organic post impressions across the DIBS social media platforms. According to show organisers, these metrics highlight the event’s significant impact and reach.

In conclusion, the Dubai International Boat Show 2024 demonstrated its global importance with diverse exhibits and strong international participation. Visitor feedback and major brand launches highlighted its prestige, while influencer engagement and extensive PR efforts boosted its visibility and impact. The focus on innovation and sustainability highlights the industry’s progressive approach and anchors DIBS as the gold standard for yachting showcases.

We will return to Dubai Harbour in February 2025. More details coming soon!

Yachting Trends: What’s New, What’s Next

As we saw at the 2024 Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the yachting industry is shaped by remarkable design, technology, and sustainability innovations. This growth in technological and sustainable practices is not just reshaping how yachts are built and operated but also influencing why people choose yachting as a form of luxury travel and recreation. Many attendees are drawn to the combination of high-tech amenities and the promise of reduced environmental impact. In the article below we will take a look at some of the biggest yachting trends of 2024, all of which are projected to grow and evolve even further in 2025 and beyond.

Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Yachting is a much more advanced leisure activity than a decade ago. Enhanced by AI, yachts are now capable of automated docking and voice-activated controls, making them easier and safer to operate. This technological leap has expanded the appeal of yachting, attracting tech-savvy younger audiences who value both innovation and convenience. The integration of AI extends beyond navigation to include personalised guest experiences, where preferences in lighting, entertainment, and temperature are automatically adjusted, creating a uniquely tailored onboard environment​ .

Advanced Security

Yachting security has evolved from traditional physical measures to incorporate advanced digital technologies and cybersecurity protocols. Modern yachts now feature networked security systems that offer remote monitoring, intruder alerts, and data protection, reflecting a comprehensive approach to security that matches the sophistication of the technology onboard. The addition of drones for continuous aerial surveillance and biometric systems for identity verification are testaments to the industry’s commitment to security, ensuring peace of mind for owners and guests alike.

Explorer-Class Yachts

They say the age of exploration has come and gone. They are wrong. Modern explorer-class yachts are designed to withstand extreme conditions, allowing them to navigate both polar and tropical destinations. These vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation systems and durable materials that handle diverse weather conditions, making remote areas of the world more accessible to adventurous yachters. Such capabilities are enticing more individuals to explore secluded and pristine environments, safely and comfortably. A new age of exploration is on the horizon!


It’s the buzzword that just won’t go away. And for good reason. Today’s yachts incorporate eco-friendly technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Builders also adopt materials and practices that lower emissions and increase energy efficiency. These initiatives are crucial for preserving marine environments and ensuring that yachting remains a sustainable activity for future generations.

Fractional Ownership

While the barrier for entry into yachting remains relatively high for people without extensive disposable income (some estimates suggest a minimum requirement of $1 million for a basic yacht), the market has never been more accessible. The rise of fractional or sectional title ownership (co-owning property with several other individuals) in the yachting industry has allowed enthusiasts to experience the luxury of yachting without the full financial burden of sole ownership. This innovative approach reflects broader shifts towards shared economies in luxury markets and can be seen as an outcome of the push towards sustainability.  

The Changing Face of Luxury Sailing

Yachting is more popular than ever. According to Yacht Sourcing, the industry is worth at least $54 billion in 2024, with current projections showing this figure going up even more. This year’s Dubai International Boat Show highlighted that the ongoing fusion of high-tech advancements, increased sustainability, and more accessible ownership models are driving the industry forward. These elements enhance the yachting experience and broaden its appeal, making it relevant to a new generation of maritime enthusiasts. Looking ahead, the evolution of these trends at upcoming events like the 2025 show will undoubtedly offer new insights and opportunities, reaffirming the dynamic nature of the luxury yachting industry and its significant economic impact.

We will return to Dubai Harbour in February 2025. More details coming soon!

Ocean 360 Marks its Presence at the Dubai International Boat Show 2024 with an Exciting Lineup of Luxury Marine Offerings

Dubai, UAE – Ocean 360, a renowned Dubai-based luxury marine lifestyle company, was thrilled to announce its participation in the 30th edition of the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS 2024), which took place from February 28 to March 3 at the Dubai Harbour. As a leader in the marine industry, Ocean 360 showcased an unparalleled selection of yachting services and luxury marine products, emphasising its commitment to enhancing the luxury lifestyle at sea.

This year, Ocean 360 was proud to present a selection of unbeatable offers for pre-owned boats ready for sale with immediate delivery, alongside an exclusive array of products from the world-renowned brands they represent, each known for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and performance. The lineup included:

Belassi – The Marine Hypercraft: Visitors experienced the pinnacle of marine innovation with the Belassi UAE Limited Edition. This personal watercraft boasted a unique design inspired by the rich heritage and futuristic vision of the UAE. The Belassi is tailored for those who seek unparalleled performance and custom design that stands out in the seas.

Seabob – Luxury Water Sleds: Guests had the opportunity to experience gliding through the water with the sleek and powerful Seabob, representing the ultimate luxury of water slide. Purposely designed for both fun and mobility, Seabob offers an eco-friendly way to explore the underwater world with ease and style.

Scubajet – Water Jet Systems: At the event, Scubajet revolutionised water activities as the most versatile water jet system available. Whether attendees were engaged in kayaking, stand-up paddling, or diving, Scubajet propelled experiences to new heights with its powerful and adaptable design.

Pirelli Speedboats: Attendees had the opportunity to embark on a journey of speed and elegance with Pirelli Speedboats. Made in Italy, these tenders were a testament to superior craftsmanship, seamlessly combining high performance with a stylish design that echoed the luxurious lifestyle at sea.

Searaft: Ocean 360 was also excited to announce the addition of Searaft to its prestigious portfolio. As a leading manufacturer of inflatable rafts for yachts and superyachts, Searaft introduced a new dimension of luxury and convenience, offering custom solutions for those seeking to enhance their at-sea experiences.

Pre-Owned Luxury Yachts: Those in the market to buy a luxury yacht with immediate delivery were encouraged not to miss the selection offers for boats. Covering a wide range of preferences and budgets, our offerings included models such as Van Dutch 32, Pershing 70, Sanlorenzo SX88, Riva 100 Corsaro, Azimut 66, and Pershing 8X.

Ocean 360’s participation at DIBS 2024 underscored the company’s unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive services related to the acquisition and ownership of a yacht, including Yacht Sales & Brokerage, Charter, Yacht Management, and Tenders & Water Toys.

About Ocean 360

Ocean 360 is a leading Dubai-based company dedicated to enabling the luxury lifestyle at sea. With a comprehensive range of services related to the acquisition and ownership of a yacht, including Yacht Sales & Brokerage, Charter, Yacht Management, Tenders & Water Toys, Ocean 360 is committed to excellence and innovation in the marine industry. For more information, please visit their website at www.ocean360.ae

Marine Services One Announces Strategic Partnerships with Italvipla, Osmosea, and Tikal Marine Systems at the Dubai International Boat Show 2024.

Marine Services One, a leading UAE provider of Yacht Repairs, Refits, and Marine Equipment Distribution for leisure yachting, was thrilled to announce the addition of three new partners to its portfolio: Italvipla, Osmosea, and Tikal Marine Systems. This announcement came during the prestigious Dubai International Boat Show 2024, reflecting the company’s commitment to enhancing its service offerings and reinforcing its position in the UAE marine industry.


Italvipla, an esteemed Italian company, has been a global leader in marine upholstery since 1965. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs, Italvipla’s products represent the pinnacle of luxury and durability in marine interiors. This partnership enables Marine Services One to offer its clients unparalleled options for customising their yachts with the finest materials and finishes.


Another new addition to the portfolio was Osmosea, also from Italy, which brought cutting-edge water purification solutions to Marine Services One’s Clients. As a leading company in the marine desalination sector, Osmosea’s advanced technologies ensure safe, clean, and sustainable water sources for yachts of all sizes. The company was recognized for its customisable solutions that fit a wide range of yacht sizes, from 30 feet to 50 metres.


Completing the trio of new partners was Tikal Marine Systems from Germany, which specialized in producing high-quality adhesives, sealants, and fillers for teak decking and other marine applications. Tikal’s products were renowned for their reliability and quality, making them the perfect choice for premium decking works.

“We are excited to add these three prestigious partners to our portfolio and we are thankful for their trust in our team,” said Sebastian Dumitrescu, Business Development Manager of Marine Services One. “By integrating their products and technologies into our service offerings, we are not only expanding our capabilities but also enhancing our competitiveness in the market. These collaborations will allow us to provide our clients with more comprehensive solutions, superior quality, and better costs.”

Marine Services One invited attendees of the Dubai International Boat Show 2024 to visit their booth MD-36 to learn more about these exciting partnerships and how they could benefit from the expanded range of services and products now available. Also on display during the event, the company presented a range of solutions from the other OEM Suppliers in their portfolio – Seakeeper Gyrostabilizers, MASE Generators, Amare Portholes & Glazings, Ocean LED underwater lights, H+B Technics hydraulics, Rakicevic Anodes, Vitrifrigo refrigerators, 

About Marine Services One:

Marine Services One is redefining the benchmark for yacht refit, repair services, and marine equipment distribution in the UAE. With a strong business ethics and high standards of quality, from customer experience to work execution and after-sales care, the company has a great respect for the job at hand and an ethical approach to every project.

Exhibitor Showcase: Al Yousuf Motors

Al Yousuf Motors showcased a range of accessories and technology at DIBS 2024. As the exclusive distributor of Yamaha in the UAE, the company presented their latest Waverunners, Superjets, OBMs, and selections from marine accessories brands like Jobe and Winner Kayak. This year’s Dubai International Boat Show attracted a wide audience, highlighting the marine community’s keen interest in the newest innovations.

Yamaha Showcase

  • 2024 Yamaha Sport Boats. These boats were introduced as top choices for those looking for performance and luxury. Designed to meet the needs of high-performance enthusiasts, these boats combine speed with a comfortable and sophisticated experience on the water.
  • 2024 Yamaha WaveRunners (GP Series & FX Series). The new lineup of WaveRunners features a 1.9-liter engine, with the FX Series aimed at luxury and technology aficionados and the GP Series designed for those seeking speed and agility. New colours and graphics refresh the appearance for 2024.
  • Yamaha Outboard Motors (OBMs). Yamaha’s OBMs, known for their reliability and power, were also part of the showcase. These engines are designed to enhance the boating experience, offering outstanding performance.

The Innovative Manta5 Hydrofoiler

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler unveiling was another major highlight. It marks a significant innovation in water sports, blending the essence of cycling with the thrill of hydrofoiling. Designed in New Zealand, it features a modular design for easy transport and quick assembly, offering up to 4.5 hours of ride time on water. The Hydrofoiler supports a new way to explore waterways, equipped with 10 levels of pedal assistance to cater to various intensities of water workouts.

Marine Accessories Exhibition

Al Yousuf Motors also presented an array of marine accessories from Jobe, Riva, and Winner Kayak, emphasising the enhancement of performance, safety, and enjoyment on the water. Their long-standing exclusive distribution of JOBE and Winner Kayaks showcases their commitment to quality and innovation in the marine accessory market.

The participation of Al Yousuf Motors at DIBS 2024 not only underscored their legacy in the marine industry but also their ongoing dedication to bringing the latest and most advanced products to the market. Their presentation of Yamaha’s 2024 marine products and the exciting Manta5 Hydrofoiler demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation and excellence in the maritime sector. 

We will return to Dubai Harbour in February 2025. More details coming soon!

Post-Show Recap: The Biggest Local Brands That Attended DIBS 2024

The Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) celebrated its 30th year in 2024, maintaining its status as a key event for the UAE’s marine industry. Held until 3 March at Dubai Harbour, this edition was notable for the significant participation of local brands, demonstrating the strength and innovation of the UAE’s marine sector to a global audience.

UAE Brands Shine on Home Soil

The event dedicated a special segment called Proudly UAE, positioned strategically between Hypercar Avenue and the Fishing Village, to spotlight local maritime heritage and innovation. This section featured an impressive array of locally made vessels, nautical products, and technological advancements.

Al Suwaidi Marine (ASM) stood out with the introduction of two new fishing boat models. The company’s decision to launch these vessels at DIBS underscores the event’s importance as a premier regional showcase. ASM’s participation highlights a commitment to quality and local craftsmanship, with both boats drawing significant attention.

Highlighting Maritime Excellence

The Dubai International Marine Club, in collaboration with the Victory Team, displayed two racing boats, engaging visitors and emphasising the UAE’s prowess in maritime sports. The club also played a central role in organising competitive events, including the Dubai Fishing Competition, further enhancing the show’s dynamic atmosphere.

Dubai Police’s participation added an element of prestige, showcasing a fleet that includes high-speed marine vehicles. This display not only demonstrated the force’s operational capabilities but also its engagement in community and national events.

Local Manufacturers in the Limelight

Al Fajer Marine and Gulf Craft, among the UAE’s premier boat builders, reported heightened international interest. Al Fajer’s launch of the S-Class 90 and Sunrise 60 exemplifies the advanced engineering and design capabilities of local manufacturers. Similarly, Gulf Craft, with 15 vessels on display, used the platform to affirm the show’s vital role in connecting the global marine industry, underlining Dubai’s growing significance as a superyacht market hub.

DIBS 2024 showcased over 1,000 brands, including 400 newcomers, and presented more than 200 crafts from top yachting companies worldwide. This array of international marine attractions underscored the event’s global appeal and its significance for the local maritime sector.

Anticipating Next Year’s Innovations at DIBS

With DIBS 2024 having drawn to a close, the remarkable showcase of local brands has highlighted the progress and ingenuity within the UAE’s maritime industry. This year’s event has not only celebrated the longstanding tradition of maritime excellence but has also set the stage for future advancements. 

Dubai International Boat Show will return to Dubai Harbour in 2025! Watch this space for more details.

Post-Show Recap: Yacht Highlights At DIBS 2024

At DIBS 2024, the marine industry witnessed a convergence of innovation, luxury, and craftsmanship, showcasing the latest in yachting excellence. Esteemed builders and designers from around the globe presented their newest creations, offering a glimpse into the future of maritime luxury. The event not only celebrated the advancements in yacht design but also marked significant business milestones and expansions within the sector. Highlights from the show included groundbreaking yacht unveilings, strategic industry moves, and notable sales achievements, underscoring the event’s importance as a premier global maritime exhibition.

Noteworthy Sales and Debuts

Sanlorenzo and Gulf Craft celebrated notable sales, with Sanlorenzo selling three yachts and Gulf Craft multiple vessels from its diverse range. The event also featured the debut of the world’s “largest wooden superyacht,” the 50-metre custom yacht Afra, exclusively listed by Bush & Noble, and the MENA premiere of the Ferretti Yachts Riva Diva 82, showcasing innovative design solutions that push the boundaries of yachting luxury.

Tankoa Unveils the Milano Superyacht

At the heart of DIBS, Tankoa Yachts revealed plans for their latest venture, the Milano superyacht. This 70-metre marvel, a collaboration with Nauta Design, features a sleek design inspired by Milan’s sophisticated aesthetic. The Milano stands out with its elegant silhouette, promising unmatched luxury and innovation in maritime design.

Gulf Craft’s Strategic Expansion

Gulf Craft announced the creation of the Gulf Craft Group during the show, marking a pivotal step in their global maritime industry presence. This reorganisation aims to enhance operations and consolidate the brand’s shipbuilding facilities, including those in the Maldives, under a single, efficient umbrella, reinforcing Gulf Craft’s commitment to excellence.

Sunreef Yachts’ Middle Eastern Venture

Sunreef Yachts shared insights into their expansion in the Middle East with the inauguration of a new facility in Ras Al Khaimah. This strategic move, in partnership with RAK Maritime City, signifies Sunreef’s ambition to tap into the growing yacht market in the region, showcasing their latest shipyard advancements to SuperYacht Times during DIBS.

Tecnomar’s Lamborghini 63 Series Success

The Dubai International Boat Show was a fruitful event for many, with Tecnomar reporting the sale of their 19th Lamborghini 63 yacht to a UAE resident. The success story highlights the event’s significance in facilitating high-stake sales and negotiations from the outset.

Setting The Tone For Innovation In 2024 And Beyond

The Dubai International Boat Show 2024 has successfully concluded, leaving in its wake significant achievements and unforgettable highlights. From the innovative unveiling of the Milano superyacht by Tankoa Yachts, to Gulf Craft’s announcement of its new organisational structure, and the expansion of Sunreef Yachts into the Middle East, the event was a showcase of forward-thinking and luxury. 

The numerous sales reported, including the noteworthy transactions by Tecnomar and Sanlorenzo, demonstrate the show’s importance as a hub for maritime business. The industry now looks ahead, armed with the insights and inspirations from DIBS 2024, ready to steer towards the next wave of nautical excellence.

Dubai International Boat Show will return to Dubai Harbour in 2025! Watch this space for more details.

Source: Superyacht Times

DIBS 2024: The Boats You Need To See This Weekend

Dubai Harbour is the place to be this weekend for ocean and boating enthusiasts (and their families). Open until Sunday (March 3), DIBS 2024 showcases the latest from leading global yacht brands. Visitors can look forward to spectacular displays from the exhibitors featured in the article below.

Featured Exhibitors

  • Finnmaster Boats has already seen success with the sale of its Grandezza 37CA, a model designed for both comfort and environmental sustainability. Built to Gulf specifications, the yacht features two cabins, expansive lounge areas, a galley, and incorporates weather-resistant design elements.
  • Sirena Yachts is displaying the 26.81-metre Wish, capable of reaching speeds up to 25 knots and accommodating 10 guests plus 4 crew members. The yacht combines space, speed, and luxury, making it a highlight of the show.
  • Gulf Craft showcases 15 yachts, including the global debut of the Majesty 60, an 18.5-metre model that exemplifies cutting-edge design, technology, and luxurious amenities. The Majesty Yachts collection represents the pinnacle of the brand’s commitment to innovation in luxury yachting.
  • Ferretti Yachts introduces the Riva 82 Diva in the MENA region, a 25.3-metre flybridge yacht featuring advanced design and functional enhancements, including innovative living area expansions and storage capabilities for a jet tender up to four metres in length.
  • Sunseeker unveils several models, including the 65 Sport Yacht and Manhattan 68 Pacific, designed for diverse yachting experiences from high-speed adventures to leisurely cruising. Each model caters to specific needs, whether it’s for socialising, cruising, or luxury living on the water.
  • Azimut presents the S7, a sport yacht that prioritises luxury and sustainability. The 22-metre yacht is engineered for efficiency, with features designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on style or performance.
  • Bush & Noble features the world’s largest wooden superyacht, a vessel that marries traditional craftsmanship with modern luxury. Its classic wooden exterior and contemporary interior, complete with Italian furnishings, make it one of the show’s most anticipated exhibits.

Don’t Miss Out

If you want to see any of the breathtaking yachts or boats mentioned above, there is still time to do so while DIBS 2024 is ongoing. The event is suitable for a wide audience and is perfect for a day out with the family.Book your tickets now! Under 12s go free with paying adults.

The Leisure Marine Association Presents: Coffee Talks About Yacht Ownership And The Maritime Life

The Dubai International Boat Show 2024 stands as a pivotal event for the global maritime community, offering a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking. A highlight of this year’s event is set to be the insightful series of talks presented by the Leisure Marine Association. These sessions, located at the “Port of Call” on February 28th and 29th, are tailored to enrich the knowledge and skills of attendees, from avid sailors to those newly introduced to the marine lifestyle. The association’s dedication to fostering education and awareness within the maritime sector is evident in the quality and diversity of the topics covered.

Highlighted Sessions:

  • Where to Take Your Boat? Explore Destinations” by Karissa Lewis unveils the allure of UAE’s hidden coastal treasures. Attendees will learn not only about scenic destinations but also how to navigate these waters safely and enjoyably, making every voyage memorable.
  • Practical Insights: Things You Need to Know After Purchasing a Boat” presented by Capt. Michael Fetton, delves into the essential know-how for new boat owners. From maintenance tips to legal requirements, this session is crucial for ensuring that your investment remains secure and sea-worthy.
  • Fishing Fanatics: The Ultimate Guide to Recreational Fishing in the UAE“, moderated by Kevin Stoop, assembles a panel of fishing experts including Khalifa Al Bahri, Callum Chase, and Rajiv Ramnath. This discussion not only covers the best fishing spots but also introduces sustainable fishing practices, ensuring the preservation of marine biodiversity.
  • Mental Health Awareness” by Bob Harvey addresses the often-overlooked aspect of seafaring—mental well-being. This presentation offers strategies for coping with isolation and stress at sea, crucial for ensuring safety and enjoyment in long voyages.
  • Sustainable Boating: Eco-Friendly Practices on the Water – Marina’s Perspective“, led by Wyndham Tops with insights from Alex Berry, John Paul Rebollini, and Katrina Poore, focuses on the implementation of green practices in marina management. This session will empower boat owners and marina operators alike with strategies for minimising their environmental impact, fostering a sustainable future for the marine industry.

Get Your Tickets!

The sessions presented by the Leisure Marine Association are poised to be a cornerstone of DIBS 2024, offering profound insights and practical advice that attendees can apply directly to their nautical endeavours. This initiative underscores a shared commitment to not only enjoy the marine environment but to do so with knowledge, responsibility, and a forward-thinking mindset. Engage with these talks to chart a course towards a more informed and sustainable maritime future.

There is still time to book your tickets! Under 12s go free with paying adults.

A Guide to Optimal Boat Maintenance for First-Time Owners

Congratulations on entering the realm of boat ownership! Owning a boat promises a world of adventure and relaxation, accompanied by the responsibility of meticulous maintenance. To guarantee your vessel remains in optimal condition for every journey, we at the Leisure Marine Association MENA have curated a comprehensive list of essential boat maintenance tips tailored specifically for first-time buyers.

Routine Cleaning:

Boats confront harsh marine environments, necessitating regular cleaning to combat saltwater, algae, and contaminants that can impact both appearance and performance. Utilise marine-grade cleaning products for hull, deck, and surface protection, and rinse with fresh water after each outing.

Engine Maintenance:

Given the engine’s pivotal role, adhere to manufacturer guidelines for regular oil changes, filter replacements, and routine checks. Monitor the fuel system, inspect for leaks, and ensure the propeller is in optimal condition.

Lubrication of Moving Parts:

Regularly inspect and lubricate hinges, cables, and steering systems, using marine-grade lubricants to shield against corrosion caused by saltwater exposure. Pay attention to trailer components for roadworthiness during transportation.

Battery Care:

Boat batteries are indispensable for lights, electronics, and engine ignition. Regularly assess the battery’s charge, clean terminals, and replace batteries as needed. Consider a trickle charger for consistent charging during inactivity.

Electrical System Inspection:

Given vulnerability to corrosion, routinely inspect wiring, connections, and electrical components. Promptly replace any corroded or damaged parts to prevent electrical issues on the water.

Bilge Monitoring:

Monitor the bilge for water accumulation, regularly inspecting and cleaning the bilge pump to ensure proper functionality. Investigate signs of excess water to prevent potential damage or sinking.

Antifouling Bottom Paint:

Applying antifouling bottom paint is essential to impede the growth of marine organisms, enhancing the boat’s appearance and fuel efficiency. Adhere to manufacturer guidelines for application and maintenance.

Safety Equipment Check:

Prioritise safety by routinely checking and updating life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares, and first aid kits. Ensure accessibility and confirm that all safety devices are in optimal working condition.

Off-Season Storage:

Properly store the boat during inactive seasons to prevent deterioration. Options include using a boat cover, storing in a dry place, or utilising professional boat storage facilities.

Continuous Learning:

Stay informed about your specific boat model and its maintenance requirements. Thoroughly read the owner’s manual and consider enrolling in a basic marine maintenance course to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Boat ownership is a thrilling journey, and diligent maintenance ensures a prolonged and joyful experience. By integrating these maintenance practices into your routine, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on countless adventures. 

Navigating the boat registration process in the United Arab Emirates

Embarking on a new adventure with your boat in the United Arab Emirates is an exciting prospect. Still, before you set sail, it’s crucial to navigate the waters of boat registration. Proper registration not only ensures compliance with regulations but also guarantees a smooth and enjoyable boating experience. In this guide, the Leisure Marine Association MENA will take you through the steps to register your new boat in the UAE.

Step 1: Understand the Regulations:

Before diving into the registration process, familiarise yourself with the relevant regulations. The UAE has specific rules and requirements for boat ownership and operation. These regulations may vary depending on the emirate you’re in, so it’s essential to research and understand the local laws. Common regulations include safety standards, size restrictions, and navigational guidelines.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents:

To initiate the registration process, gather the necessary documents. While the exact requirements may differ slightly, generally, you’ll need:

  • Original manufacturer’s certificate
  • Valid technical inspection certificate issued by DMA
  • Copy of the title deed
  • The original bill of sale for the boat (attested by the authorised entity) and the original customs clearance certificate
  • Identification documents for the individual or company requesting registration (Passport, UAE residence visa, Emirates ID, UAE trade licence)
  • Berth agreement or valid trailer registration
  • 13 months valid insurance policy
  • If the boat is imported: customer clearance

Step 3: Choose the Right Authority:

Boat registration in the UAE is typically handled by the local maritime authority of each emirate. For example, the Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA) is responsible for boat registration in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Maritime is the relevant authority. Identify the correct authority for your Emirate and proceed accordingly.

Step 4: Submit Your Application:

Once you have your documents in order, submit your application for boat registration to the appropriate maritime authority. Follow their guidelines for submission and pay any applicable fees. 

Step 5: Inspection and Verification:

Upon application submission and fee payment, you must arrange an inspection. The authority will inspect your boat to verify its compliance with safety and environmental standards, encompassing equipment, navigation lights, and communication devices. Following a successful boat inspection, you are obligated to apply to the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard will provide cables for the boat owner to install and oversee the subsequent transponder installation process. Upon the conclusion of these procedures, you will be issued the registration certificate.

Step 6: Display the Registration Markings:

Once you receive your registration certificate, it’s important to display the registration markings on your boat as per the guidelines. This includes placing the registration number and other required markings in a visible location on your boat. Registration certificates must be kept on board at all times. 

Navigating the process of registering your new boat in the United Arab Emirates may seem like a complex journey, but by understanding the regulations, gathering the necessary documents, and following the proper steps, you’ll soon be ready to set sail on the stunning coastal waters of the UAE. 

Meet the Leisure Marine Association MENA at the Dubai International Boat Show 2024

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